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  1. Thanks again Dos. Someone just mentioned the "Moonlight" game stream client being able to stream pretty much anything including LB BB to a shield or other android device so may look into that, if I don't get the basic PC to shield streaming option working.
  2. Thanks for replying so quickly mate. I knew with the way Launchbox specifically had to be navigated with those windows style options then it would be a non starter. It seems that there are plenty of folks able to emulate their Big Box experience however. Are you saying that this is possible but only via the streaming option? Cheers ?
  3. Launch box colleagues, and friends, I'm looking for some assistance and hoping that you guys and girls can help out please with a NVidia Shield - to Big Box query. Just in the interest of forum procedure I can confirm that I have tried to search around the forum first before asking here. There are a few Shield based comments here and there and one WIP thread in particular by @AutumnSounds where I can see he or she has started some good work specifically in regards to streaming. However, no specific answers to what I need hence why I'm here now hoping for some assistance. Apologies in advance folks if the answer to this is obvious to some of you already, but any help would genuinely be greatly appreciated. Thanks. SCENARIO: I currently have a premium Big Box membership and run the software on my windows PC, I'm a big fan of the Launchbox / big box platform and really thankful to all of the good work that the Launchbox team put in. Now, a few weeks ago I purchased an NVidia Shield and was reading how wonderful it is for playing emulation games. I know there are a lot of standalone emulators in the Google play store that will run on the shield, but I would love in an ideal scenario be able to use my current big box set up from my PC on my shield. Is it possible, putting this very simply, to save all of my big box content: 1. Big box application 2. Back end emulators (Retroarch, dolphin etc) 3. Roms 4. Save states and controller setting etc onto an external hard drive and then having the simple option of either plugging this into my Windows PC, or my shield depending on whether I want to play this in the bedroom on the PC or the livingroom on the big television. This scenario would allow me even to take the hard drive and the shield out to a friend's house to play it all off the hard drive with my save states all going with me no matter where I play and on what one of the two devices. is this possible folks and if so how would I go about doing that? Is it as simple as dumping everything onto the hard drive and plugging and playing? If not is there another solution to be able to play all of my big box content on the shield, even if leaving the house wasn't a part of the scenario. I was reading AutumnSummer's thread so far and whilst he / she describes streaming via the Ge Force interface, I was reading that this only works if you have a certain type of NVidia graphics car on your PC. I had a try anyway and I don't even have a preferences button available to be able to select the shield from my same network. I have seen comments from other sites where users state that they have got Big box running perfectly on a shield, with no lag etc. However, it's not too clear unless I have missed something obvious how they were actually able to do this easily. others have suggested just loading standalone google play store emulators and playing the same game twice essentially due to no save states being common on both devices. However, I personally really enjoy my big box set up and would love to use this if at all possible. A long winded query in the end folks so please accept my apologies but the query itself is actually really straight forward. 1. How to get a product I love Big box / Launchbox to work on a device I love the Shield. 2. Secondly if this is possible, is it also possible to play on either the Shield or the PC so my save states and controller settings are universal across both devices. I'm sure there is a very easy way to do this and if anyone knows you guys will. thanks and keep up the good work Bench
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