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  1. maybe it's not worth emulating the dreamcast

    PS. Best setting for cpu Apollo Lake,n3450 Intel 505 HD , 4gb RAM ? Null DC ?
  2. maybe it's not worth emulating the dreamcast

    Skies of Arcadia is avaiable for gameCube too ?
  3. maybe it's not worth emulating the dreamcast

    Virtua Tennis 4 (my Beelink AP34 Mini PC )
  4. maybe it's not worth emulating the dreamcast

    For how many and which titles?
  5. Maybe it's not worth emulating the dreamcast because many of the best Sega Dreamcast titles are available natively for Windows. #Windows Crazy Taxi Jet Set Radio Nights Sega Bass Fishing Sonic Adventure DX Space Channel 5 : Part 2 Ikaruga TrickStyle Grandia® II Anniversary Daytona USA Deluxe Virtua Tennis Virtua Tennis 4 Guilty Gear X 2 ------------------ MAME Mr.Driller Puzzle Fighter Mars Matrix Considering that the emulation for dreamcast to men seems optimized and well taken care of, we are really sure that it is worth emulating the dreamcast?
  6. Recommendation Cores/Emulators

  7. Recommendation Cores/Emulators

    Mesen in retroarch ? Where is ?
  8. Cuphead , arcade stick Encoder and setting

    I solved it with a .bat file start "emu" "AntimicroPath"start "app" /W "cupheadPath"echo Deux fritures.taskkill /f /im "antimicro.exe" Rename txt in .bat. Put .bat in launchbox AND GOOOOOOOOOOO
  9. Hi . I spent hours doing tests with all the methods that are found in the various forums and on youtube to try to make Cuphead work with X360ce , unfortunately, every experiment had a negative aspect and so I abandoned the idea of X360ce with Cuphead . I have experienced antimicro portable for windows https://github.com/AntiMicro/antimicro/releases and finally cupèhead work perfect with my encoder . Now , the problem is : apparently antimicro is not like x360ce that starts autonomously with the game, and then closes. If I leave the antimicro open, it will also impact the launchbox when I leave the game.Do you know if antimicro can be used with a single game like x360ce does? Or is there a different method?Thank you
  10. New Amazon Board for LaunchBox Bulder Project :)

    This https://www.amazon.com/Beelink-Ultimate-Celeron-Graphics-Dual-Band/dp/B072KKFF4S/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1514924023&sr=8-4&keywords=beelink+apollo+lake
  11. New Amazon Board for LaunchBox Bulder Project :)

    Apollo LAKE Cpu work Amazing with launchbox , retroarch , MAME etc. Shader work fine in retroarch , HLSL in mame not work fine . You can emulate PS1 , PS2 , Dreamcast, GameCube, N64 too with Apollo lake
  12. New Amazon Board for LaunchBox Bulder Project :)

    this ? https://www.amazon.com/Beelink-Ultimate-Celeron-Graphics-Dual-Band/dp/B072KKFF4S/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1514924023&sr=8-4&keywords=beelink+apollo+lake
  13. Mario Kart and Tekknoparrot 1.30

    I found the ROM of the game, but I can not find this softwareis there any information on this emulator? Does it work with launchbox?