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  1. Yes, the file names are not like those for mame, the names are complete and written precisely. However, importing the games works perfectly, but not all of them are recognized, so I had to manually correct more than half of the romset, even if the name was correct, it was enough to search for the metadata manually
  2. Yes, you can import the files, but the games are not recognized, so you will then have to manually recognize the game ID
  3. We can somehow add the possibility of importing the .NEO files that are used by the Geolith CORE into retroarch where the files have the full name of the game, very different from the MAME or FBNEO romset.
  4. I've tried a thousand ways, but the only solution to play cuphead perfectly is to add it to STEAM, and configure the generic controller from the Steam settings. It would be interesting to have this same possibility on Launchbox
  5. Many people among us use Launchbox in an Arcade cabinet, and since we use Windows we have an endless library of games suitable for the Arcade Joystick and buttons. However, we begin to encounter the first difficulties when we find ourselves having to configure the joystick with software to convert the commands from the encoder to those which are the commands of an official gamepad recognized by the system. Mainly we used X360 CE and up to a certain point it worked well, but too many new games especially written in UNITY are not compatible with X360ce. We have other XInput wrappers using the keyboard as joytokey but often we can't configure the second player. There remain other less well-known XInput wrappers such as XOutput, but they do not seem simple to configure lacking the possibility to select the corresponding buttons as with X360CE. Have you found a permanent solution?
  6. Hi everyone . I have always constantly updated Launchbox and retroarch correctly, from a certain point onwards I began to have stuttering problems with retroarch but only if I used the VULKAN drivers. So I continued to use the GLCORE drivers to use the Mega Bezel shaders convinced that this was an AMD driver issue or a Vulkan API issue with AMD. I started doing tests by downloading old versions of retroarch which I unpacked on the desktop, C:\user\Desktop I noticed that using Retroarch from desktop with the VULKAN drivers, there are no longer any stuttering problems, but if instead I use Retroarch from my default folder, i.e. C:\Launchbox|Emu\Retroarch, as soon as I use the Vulkan drivers I immediately get stuttering problems Stuttering, I'm going crazy, I can't solve it. Anyone have an idea on how to solve it?
  7. When having to download new images and videos I notice that the servers have become extremely slow, what happens?
  8. If any of you have had a crash when starting retroarch from launchbox or standalone , it seems that the problem was with Launchbox. I solved it and here you find the solution (mame 0.250 core) https://forums.libretro.com/t/mame-0-250-stop-working/39924/2
  9. Solved video6037450697811693286.mp4
  10. If I set the screen refresh from 60 to 59.94, I get a flash but the problem disappears. I think it's a problem that can be solved by the launchbox team by working on the screen refresh
  11. It's not a problem with other programs, this happens only and exclusively with the MAME core, it doesn't happen with the fbneo, mesen, genesisplusfx etc core. only the MAME core causes this problem. I have the impression that something happens like a frequency change that fools launchbox
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