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  1. however, now that I have based the whole emulation of my bartop with retroarch and launchbox, I can adjust the volume only from a keyboard and no longer in Big Box. For this I preferred the volume which can only be adjusted from bigBox and not from InGame
  2. I understood, but the fact is that if I use a keyboard that also has the volume control of Windows. If I increase or decrease the keyboard volume while I'm in GAME, I have no slowdown. Thus, keyboard manufacturers will have low-level access other than the APIs they offer to developers. Unfortunately they can no longer access this information today.
  3. the STRONGNESS is that if the volume of Windows is adjusted through the keyboard, there is no slowing down in the retroarch. At this point I suspect that the keyboard drivers use APIs different from those that microsoft documents on the site.
  4. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/inputdev/virtual-key-codes Did you use the keyboard APIs in BigBox?
  5. Old System volume (big box)
  6. But is it possible to ALSO have the volume as in previous versions of BigBox where it was not possible to select music in Game?
  7. A solution could be: Until retroarch.exe is started, bigbox must be frozen. Only when retroarch.exe is closed, launchbox.exe must resume its activity.
  8. I tried, the problem is not solved. Also because it is only the first start that causes this "problem", because thanks to the Windows superfetch, at the second start of the software the times are halved considerably and therefore the problem disappears.
  9. probably the problem lies between retroarch and windows and video drivers. I am sure that MS also offers other ways for volume commands, you should look for a group of developers, they will certainly offer different solutions than those used.
  10. Desktop 2019.10.05 - This is video example.
  11. Launchbox with retroarch also suffers from another problem which in the end was accentuated, ie it is the FIRST launch of the game after the initial start. The upload goes intermittently while the bigbox animations continue until the game is started.
  12. @Jason Carr have you decided how to do with the volume? A solution could be to add in the options the possibility to choose whether to select only if to increase or decrease the volume in BigBox or even in Game, so they are all happy (maybe).
  13. The volume of retroarch in game, is not the volume of Windows, so it is useless to waste time. I see no other solution and return to the old volume model only in bigbox, or you can try this https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/nircmd.html @Jason Carr
  14. In 10.5 same problem @Jason Carr
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