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  1. I have launchbox installed on two bartop and two PCs. many times I happen to do a huge job on a ROMSET on a PC, and I wonder if I can export this work (example clean up the complete romset of Sega Genesis, once completed I'd like to export this work to the bartop, but without compromising MAME, Neo Geo, SNES etc. In essence, is it possible to make a selective export? I understand that I have to retrieve images, videos etc, but the information of the imported roms? Is it possible to do this work manually?
  2. In Action Desktop_2019_05.22_-_21_54_08_03.mp4
  3. SOLVED It works only after configuring the Pause function in the BigBox with the gamepad commands, whereas instead from the desktop with the keyboard it does not work.
  4. Absurd. Everything works perfectly between launchbox and retroarch except the pause menu. On the bartop I have already tested the Pause, the Save State and Load state with the buttons I established. But on the PC I forgot everything by default and the Pause Menu just doesn't want to come out. Really very strange. Serve feedback from multiple people who restore retroarch 1.7.7 and the new version of launchbox.
  5. At this point I don't know what to answer. Perhaps you have imported the old retroarch configuration, and therefore some function has remained unchanged. I have reconfigured everything from scratch and so maybe the problem comes out. Even the bezel in retroarch 1.7.7 has problems starting a game if you don't turn OFF the new Menu WIdget.
  6. I only use retroarch, I haven't tried other emulators. I've tested it on my Bartop with Encoder and Arcade Stick and it doesn't work. I tried it on my primary PC and it doesn't work (Xbox Gamepad and keyboard) I tried on my secondary PC with another gamepad and keyboard and it doesn't work. I don't think it's a Windows MayUpdate problem since on Bartop I have the previous version of 1803 of Windows.
  7. Not work with controller , not work with keyboard Not work with Arcade Stick (+Encoder) You use Retroarch 1.7.7 or old version ?
  8. Not work . Windows 10 May Update Retroarch 1.7.7 mmm_-_21_09_49_02.mp4
  9. And … Not work Desktop_2019_05.22_-_20_27_06_01.mp4
  10. Not work for me I tried both with the keyboard and with the controller. I only use retroarch for all emulators. I don't know what's wrong with the procedure but it doesn't work: /
  11. No Pause screen for retroarch ?
  12. I hope that the author of bezel project can meet this need and maybe create an interoperable collaboration between launchbox and bezelproject
  13. The Bezel Project is a magnificent software that allows us to add Bezels in Retroarch. With Mame (Anrcade) there are no problems because the name of the game file is the same for everyone, so the bezels are perfectly recognized, whereas instead of the console side, the problem is that if the name of the game file is not identical to the one The Bezel project set in the "CONFIG" folder in retroarch, the bezel will not be recognized. So, considering that with Launchbox many of us have already fixed the name of the game files with Launcbox metadata so as to obtain covers, mp3s etc. would it be possible to use this metadata in a universal way so as to also get the bezels? Also because The Bezel Project can generate some limits in retroarch as I explained previously. So in case of problems, a universal metadata could always help us to fix everything again without doing a long manual job to make the bezel coincide with the games.
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