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  1. dov_EL

    Retroarch Game in LaunchBox

  2. dov_EL

    Retroarch Game in LaunchBox

  3. dov_EL

    Retroarch Game in LaunchBox

    Chai Love (Flappy Birds) in possible import this file in Launchbox ?
  4. dov_EL

    launch big box at windows startup

    Win Key %appdata% -> Return Go to : \Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup Create Shortcut BigBox.exe in Startup folder ;)
  5. dov_EL

    DOvELtop , definitive edition ;)

    It would be an impossible dream to conceive for a modern boy
  6. dov_EL

    DOvELtop , definitive edition ;)

    do you like my job? Completely in fir wood 19 Inch , Joystick and button Sanwa . painting with Chulk Paint water paints entirely by hand Mini PC Beelink Ap34 with Apollo Lake . 99% of retroarch (incluse MAME) work in DX 12 and Slang shaders 1% (Naomi Reicast) work in Open GL Powered by Launchbox
  7. i use retroarch in my two bartop. Everything works perfectly except if I remove the keyboard dongle by disconnecting it from the USB port (a wireless keyboard). If I also remove the USB connector of the keyboard, many MAME games do not start (I use the last core of MAME 0.198, but the same problem was also present with previous versions), Is there a setting to eliminate this problem? To make it work properly I’m forced to leave the USB jack of the keyboard inserted, even if the keyboard is turned off
  8. This is my videoguide in Italian
  9. dov_EL

    Reicast for Retroarch

    https://github.com/libretro/reicast-emulator/tree/master/lst ou will need roms that worked on nullDC Naomi. These will typically be .dat/.lst or .bin/.lst pairs. The last value of the .lst file specifies the size of the .dat/.bin file in hexademical value. Here is an example of the .lst file used for Toy Fighter – Toy Fighter “Toy Fighter.dat”, 0x0000000, 0x05800000 You can find the existing .lst files here. NOTE: MAME ROMS won’t work (yet). Proper Atomiswave roms won’t work, however, most Atomiswave to Naomi GD-ROM conversions should at least work or boot. ----------------- How to convert Fist of north star ?
  10. dov_EL

    Reicast for Retroarch

  11. dov_EL

    Reicast for Retroarch

    Hi Reicast is Update today , and now in changelog i see Naomi/Compatibility) Hokuto No Ken / Fist Of The North Star now works. (Naomi/Compatibility) King of Fighters New Wave – no longer crashes during fights, there are still display glitches though. I put in System dc folder " naomi_boot.bin " file (rename the naomi bios ) , I can not understand how to start the First of North Star roms. Does anyone know how to do ? Thank you
  12. 19 inches You like it ?
  13. dov_EL

    Neo geo mini is great , but ...

    This is neogeo mini And this is a Launchbox Playlist :)