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  1. Thank you very much. So we can say that this is a core that uses accurate emulation even for PC Engine. I had not noticed that he had been released, he had escaped me
  2. Mednafen : PceFast va Mednafen Pce in RA. I can't find information on the differences between the two cores. Does anyone among you have information on this?
  4. F10 in retroarch SEND DIAGNOSTIC . Probably the system you used goes to touch a series of keys that goes into conflict with retroarch.
  5. K is not the only key that creates conflicts, they also have F9 - F10 and other keys that I'm trying to understand. RetroArch 2019.11.04 -
  6. @Jason Carr https://forums.libretro.com/t/retroarch-and-launchbox-big-problem-windows-volume/24891/21
  7. Er not. P is keyboard . Bartop have gamepad input . However I tried to change this too, but I don't get any results. unbelievable
  8. the problem should be this, but I still don't get results even by turning off the function
  9. Maybe I understood the problem. I could not visualize everything because I deactivated the "MENU WIDGET" function. As soon as we try to increase or decrease the volume, the game pauses for the first time, then it works. The reararch PAUSE appears at the top right (last version)
  10. OK https://forums.libretro.com/t/retroarch-and-launchbox-big-problem-windows-volume/24891 If I have described the problem incorrectly, can you help me with your English so that we can hear from developers?
  11. we have some retroarch dev here? To whom can we report this problem which is very serious for those who use launchbox and retroarch in the bartop?
  12. @Jason Carr this is retroarch default config setting. Can it help you understand the cause of the problem?
  13. however, now that I have based the whole emulation of my bartop with retroarch and launchbox, I can adjust the volume only from a keyboard and no longer in Big Box. For this I preferred the volume which can only be adjusted from bigBox and not from InGame
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