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  1. Pinball fx3 individually tables

    how do you get the pinball fx3 tables individually as a start for the pinball fx2 game in launchebox?
  2. Error bezel big box

    because in big box do not work bezel on launchbox work? video 1 https://youtu.be/AB5hO6DLKU0 video 2 https://youtu.be/wFk8Kl1wjKQ
  3. Help Demul RocketLauncher

    can someone help me when i start atomiswave games (Demul 0.7) with rocketlauncher loses gaming configuration x360 and resets paddemul.ini file I attach photo https://ibb.co/kfot8G
  4. Help Error RL Gamecube Dolphin

    Work i change module line 261
  5. Help Error RL Gamecube Dolphin

    Does this error trigger the gamecube emulator boot from RocketLauncher? https://ibb.co/dxP7dG https://ibb.co/nfn4Qw
  6. Big Box Cinematix

    I downloaded from launchbox but did not find video cinematix nec turbografx 16, nec turbografx cd, nec super turbografx and mattel intellivision
  7. Big Box Cinematix

    in what section are loaded the bigbox cinematix videos I no longer find them on emumovies servers
  8. Help error mame rocketlauncher (SOLVED)

    solution "Disable 7z support for that system on the Settings tab as that should be disabled for all arcade systems."
  9. Help error mame rocketlauncher (SOLVED)

  10. how can I fix it with mame rocketlauncher? http:// http:// http://
  11. Games favorites

    How do I add games to a bigbox list of favorites?
  12. delete message "donate" proget64 2.4

    Have changed does not work anymore with version 2.4
  13. delete message "donate" proget64 2.4

    How do you delete the donation message with the new version of the project64 2.4 emulator?