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  1. can anyone help me configure CXBX emulator with rocketlauncher and launchbox? thank you
  2. are the new pinball FX 3 Vol 5 logos available?
  3. where can I find logo and video themes pinball fx wms safe cracker wms the champion pub wms theatre of magic? thank you
  4. possible add theme nintendo 64 hd - sega ringedge - taito type x2 thank you
  5. you can add themes Nintendo 64HD - Sega sega ringedge - Taito type x2
  6. I solved thanks for the help I had two unified folders that conflicted
  7. you do not need to replace a background for an existing system, but a new system such as nintendo 64 HD or pinball fx3
  8. I put img jpg background, but it does not work
  9. I'm sorry I'm messing up I'm using the Unified Redux 1.4 theme
  10. I tried it does not work with jpg also the default img are in png format
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