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  1. New to emulation(mostly), and I'm just curious about how to handle this before I start anything multi-disc. I'm running Saturn through retroarch, if that effect anything.
  2. DudeManL57 said It is my luck that I join and everything goes to poop lol. Just blame me lol. I do really love the frontend though and am here to stay . I completely understand that this was out of your control. Best of luck with the switch. Yep, haha, I just started working with LaunchBox a few days ago. Actually bought premium the day that DB went down, but that's just the way things go I guess. Either way, the program rocks and I'm happy to stick around while things get sorted ^^
  3. https://www.facebook.com/thegamesdb/posts/1058742734182457 Wasn't sure where the best place to post this would be, but I figured here would be the most prudent since people may see it before asking why they can't download metadata from GamesDB. Essentially, the site was shut down without warning by it's hosting company, and the people behind the DB will have to move to a new company, or purchase their own dedicated servers before getting the site back up(in all likelihood). I didn't see any posts about this here, and considering how important GamesDB's service can be to LaunchBox, I thought I should help spread the news.
  4. SentaiBrad said So there are a few things to check. First and foremost go to Tools -> Manage Emulators. Double click RertroArch and go to the Associated Platforms tab. Make sure that your SNES System name (on the left in LaunchBox) matches the name in here. The default naming solution for the best possible scraping is Super Nintendo (SNES), so make sure they match. You said they're working in RetroArch, so you have the core downloaded and there are no BIOS for SNES, so it is not that. We also have tutorials on our YouTube channel, which you can get to by clicking the link in my description. They don't all deal with RetroArch, but most do and they all compliment each other as well. Ah, I found the issue, the core that LaunchBox was trying to load wasn't the one that I have installed on Retroarch, for whatever reason. Thanks for the help ^^
  5. So, I'm learning my way around LaunchBox to set it up on my family's media PC, but I've hit a wall pretty early. I'm loading my games via Retroarch, and can't get SNES games to load. At first I had this issue with NES games, but I totally reinstalled Retroarch, and the problem was solved, but now that I've started to import SNES games, I'm getting the same issue again. I can import games fine, but when I try to load them through LaunchBox, nothing happens. These games open fine in Retroarch proper, they're only unresponsive in LaunchBox. Also noticing that in the details tab, my play count goes up every time I try to load a particular game -- not sure if that will help figure this out though. I'll upload images if necessary.
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