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  1. it was a challange to get the video in the right perspective in the table but i think it is OK now what is your's opinion ... in progress 500+ pcs 24 (Stern 2009).mp4
  2. just made 7200 + set's off a 3d cover and a simple tape https://1fichier.com/?4liaa0dzt0wqunoymxje
  3. dropped the 3860 pcs on my cloud is more easy for me enjoy https://1fichier.com/?rb9n5alig0fqzw3p0n9b
  4. in progress off making 4000 3d box for arcade what i use as front is a screenshot off the HS theme and was wondering if this is usefull for others aswell ? and a BIG thnx for mr.Retrolust for sharing the photoshop action and bat files couldnt make them without it
  5. nope not fixed decided not to share as they are not as the standaard
  6. i use them for my own creation (kodi based) and that can only use 1920x1080 video backgrounds thats why i create them and if it is not usefull to the launchbox users i will not upload them but if it is i will as a thanx to the community that provide that nice backgrounds why i use a kodi based creation is because it is android and windows and all the devices are feed by 1 NAS server and about the time it is a matter off dropping the video's in a folder and start a bat file and then go to sleep
  7. 2Xtreme (USA).mp4 choplift.mp4
  8. i am in progress off making game video backgrounds 1920x1080 and willing to share them with the community but wondering what the max size is that i can upload current i have done 8 systems and i am close to the 40GB and more to come 3rd Birthday The (USA).mp4
  9. again its the microsoft logo that they have used in diffrents shapes for windows but still microsoft and ms-dos is also microsoft .... or i am lost LOL
  10. as far as i know its part off the microsoft logo and if it that big off a deal then i will keep them private ... no probs at all
  11. https://news.microsoft.com/microsoft-news-center-photos/msft_logo_rgb_c-gray/
  12. if i know how i would be happy to do that
  13. https://news.microsoft.com/microsoft-news-center-photos/msft_logo_rgb_c-gray/
  14. i have created 2600+ 3d covers for the exodos set thats out there ... (all the front and backs i could find ) and will continue with making them and was wondering what is the best way to share these with the community ? (if there is intrest offcourse)
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