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  1. CADScott said Works fine on Windows 10, I have LaunchBox running on Windows 10 64bit, Windows 10 32Bit, and Windows 7 64bit, I have a wireless 360 controller working perfectly on all three systems. The issues that people seem to be having with Windows 10 are related to the Xbox One controller, and Microsoft's changed to Direct Input, but this does not seem to effect the 360 controller. Perfect - thanks for your speedy response - much appreciated :)
  2. Thanks I will give that a go when I'm home - does it work on Windows 10 as I was led to believe this was an issue?
  3. Hello all, Just found this amazing bit of software and it looks like it's just the job for what I want to do. But, I've tried it out and I can't seem to find any way to exit the emulators using the 360 controller. I'm not using BigBox (although if I can get this working I will be purchasing it - can't see the point in using BigBox if I've to get off the sofa). I've read previous posts and there doesn't seem to be a solution to this. I'm using Windows 10. Thanks in advance
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