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  1. I did what u told me and also the following video > select bliter > expertimental (direct x 9 gfx) that fix the issue .
  2. hello, I manage to get FBA wotking with launchbox . But when I goto full screen it does this -a black screen with the game in the middle on low res When I play around with the res settings it pops up with a error "Problem setting '1357895832x1357896096x0bpp (oHz)' display mode." then goes back to a windows screen to play the game. Any idea how to fit it ?
  3. why do u need the bat file ? does this has to be done in the version 6.7 ?
  4. I try it out this week. A bit busy with the kids
  5. I have imported over 2000 mame roms into launchBox but now there are so many games there that I would never play. Is there a easy way where I can delete the roms/game from LaunchBox ? Like I can delete the game from LaunchBox but if I re-import the mame roms again then the game will come back in. Is there a way where I can set up a favouriate list in MAME and just import the mame roms from that list ? Also how can I redit the mame to only import orgional roms. Or do I have to do it all over again ?
  6. graf

    video of games

    Sorry for being a noob but got a question. I am building a aracde machine to play my mame collection. I purchase BigBox launch box. and I like what I see. I have tested my emu account and it works. How do I now dowload the video as I have everything else ?
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