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  1. I felt like it was going to come to Retroarch. Launchbox has been great so far and Bigbox is perfect. System itself is pretty solid but I'll try swapping to straight Mame. Thanks for the post
  2. Let me start by saying i am probably the only weirdo with this style setup so who knows if you have and answer for one of these but the other seems like it should be simple. 1: I run 2-3 console emulators with no sound issues, but about all if not all arcade games have some solid static. I'm not sure if this a retroarch or bigbox issue. Was only able to find one post about a controller box being checked on or off and that did not seem to help.Any idea ? 2: This one is an annoyance due to my strange setup. Just finished setting up a 40" LCD in portrait mode in an old cabinet and while i can run portrait and games adjust nicely to 4:3 the image area is centered and i need it a little off center and nothing i adjust via Nvidia or windows will overwrite this. It sits a little bit low and i am not sure if this is something i can adjust via launchbox or retroarch or if there is another emulator ie: mame that i can run that will let me raise it just a bit. I know this is a weird one but every other question I had that i thought was crazy i found a quick answer for in the forums here. [Image Can Not Be Found]
  3. Hi Launchbox, Recently purchased and am trying to get all setup but having a problem. When i import (Arcade/MAME) : I get no option screen to remove fruit games and duplicates etc... as i saw in the tutorial video and there is no way i can go thru 30000 files by hand and do this. Anyone know why this screen doesn't come up during the parsing/import process. And i know as soon as i get this figured out i'll have a second problem , do I import the roms and then move CHDs to that folder after the fact or where do CHD files need to be for said Roms. Thanks TONS Craig
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