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  1. jxf2487


    in my default command line it says ( -full-screen -dvd_path )
  2. jxf2487


    Hello I have been trying to set up cxbx and keep getting this error please help
  3. Just finished my vertical cab bigbox vertical theme not working any suggestion? Screen is rotated ,unblocked all plugins i tried vertigo and default vertical i don't want to use hyper
  4. hello does anyone know how to fix this
  5. are you asking for a particular one, what kind?
  6. Version 1.1.0


    Capcom_Play_Sytem_III.mp4 Cave.mp4 Arcade.mp4
  7. Animated Unified Videos for dual monitors View File Capcom_Play_Sytem_III.mp4 Cave.mp4 Arcade.mp4 Submitter jxf2487 Submitted 10/23/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos
  8. thank you very much, also I'm working on some platform playlist video, what do you think ( i'm using dual monitors didn't want the racing logo in two location) Untitled.mp4
  9. Hello is there a way to remove arcade from the platform and have just my playlist
  10. Name: 3D theme in progress Category: Demos Date Added: 2016-10-10 Submitter: jxf2487 trying something different tell what you think please good or bad, these are test sample i want to get the lighting and everything correct. working_on_Launchbox_theme.mp4 3D theme in progress
  11. Name: jxf2487 Category: Demos Date Added: 2016-09-29 Submitter: jxf2487 my latest intro video Big box.mp4 jxf2487
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