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  1. Because of the sheer scope and size this video would have been, I have decided to break this down into episodes. I am really excited to work on this and really get into the pros and cons of playing on emulators vs genuine consoles.
  2. R7 360 Thanks for all of the positive feedback, everyone =) EDIT: I have released a trailer for my next video which will go deep into analyzing the pros and cons between playing on emulators and playing on genuine hardware. Of course, RetroArch and Launchbox will be extensively covered as that is my setup of choice for emulators =) Follow the discussion on it's dedicated thread:
  3. Same! In fact for awhile I gamed exclusively on native hardware, but having spent such a big amount of time with this emulator setup, it's more fun for me to play on that instead for the time being. There's just something fufilling about being able to finally enjoy all of the hard work one has put into something! Thank you! There is actually someone else on this forum who posted their setup before I posted mine. He also uses an HDTV for the launcher and games on the CRT, using very similar methods. I didn't see his thread until after I had posted mine. It was kind of surreal to
  4. It's another way of saying "Ultra-wide" resolution, if I'm not mistaken. For instance, the Super Nintendo has a resolution of 256x224, but that can change depending on the game and would introduce scaling artifacts if I alter the horizontal resolution from within RetroArch. Therefore, I use a resolution of 3840x224 and manually adjust it to look like a real SNES's video output. As far as getting MAME games to work, the short answer is yes. The monitor you see on the right in that video is a 15khz RGB TV, which I use exclusively for MAME =)
  5. Thank you! I almost did buy an arcade VGA, but I didn't like that I would have to use a legacy card. I wanted to be able to use a more modern card so that I could still enjoy games from later years as well as emulate more powerful systems, so I downloaded a hacked version of AMD drivers called CRT EmuDriver that allowed me to output lower resolutions. With it, I was able to output 15khz 480i and 240p. To connect it to my Sony Trinitron, I use DVI-to-VGA dongle for my Radeon R7, then the VGA cable goes to a VGA-to-Component transcoder box, and finally to my Trinitron's YPbPr inputs. Since ev
  6. Big Box shows up on the top screen, and the game launches on the CRT at the correct screen position, refresh rate, and resolution of the original hardware.
  7. I'm using a dual-screen setup, but it's quite an uncommon one: Top screen is an HDTV mounted to a wall, and below it serving as a second monitor is my Sony Trinitron KV-36FV26, an SD CRT I use for emulating. When I click on my retroarch executable, it launches full-screen on my CRT and plays games without problems. However, I am having trouble getting it to launch from within launchbox. Previously, I had a VGA CRT computer monitor and used it for my emulation, and even used launchbox using the same screen. Now however, I want to use a different version of Retroarch that I set up specifically f
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