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  1. when adding types of controls please dont forget about the arcades ie trackball , spinner ,wheel 

    New Document Fields for Hintbooks, Cheats, and Maps sounds great 

    the ability to add to second screen as a alternative to marquee would be even better.

    Better still would be the ability to allow theme creators to create zones  for multiple Document Fields on one screen

  2. Last night i had my Launchbox database error ( nice backup system, it works) and on trying to find out why

    came across lots of people having BSOD after latest windows update (17 April ) so the instability of windows, might be having a negative effect on launchbox. Just a thought.


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  3. I use a Qnap 4 bay nas, but only for roms. The main program and media are on my faster internal hard drives.   

    also you need to consider the question of what type of raid. All drives will fail in the future and larger drives are more susceptible to this.

    a couple of points to think about are

     the maximum size of hard drive to put in  (my qnap is 16tb per drive max max)

    do you need a NAS that can take different size drives , not all can.

    do you need a NAS or will a cheaper DAS system work (connected to pc via usb only)

    It is best to know what type of raid you think suits your need and check your NAS supports it.

    if i got this right  it goes like this 4 x 10tb drives 

     raid 0 will give the fastest and most space. but if one drive fails all data is lost. only use if you have a reliable backups

     raid 0     40tb  and faster as writes to both drives simultaneously, but if one drive fails lose data from both drives 

     raid 1     20tb two copies of all data  so if a drive fails  it can be rebuilt 

     raid 10  20tb  with the speed of raid 0 and  restore abilitys of raid 1

  4. Ok found a solution 

    I just wanted to use my tablet as a marrquee screen, (in my case this is a android a7)

    I found a programe called Spacedesk 

    to use

    run a windows driver and a app ( android or ios ) also works with phones

    then just enable marrquee in big box options.  Will probberly  do custom banners to show controls  or notes to bypass game protections, maps or loading commands etc. ( more for computers than consoles).

    This would be nice if this was a baked in option, but have no idea how complicated this would be. Just thinking it must be more simple than launchbox for android and would be a unique feature that no other front end has.

     one last point not everyone has a second monitor but most people  have a smart phone. so when dealing with so meny games a contextual quick reference guide  would be most helpfull.

    Am i alone in this view  or am i not explaning it in text as is in my head.





  5.    First thanks for reading

    I have 2 sets of front end 1 is coinops for visiters  and llaunchbox for my never finish setup

    so coinops uses bat files a lot 

    so how do i convert this 

    mame64.exe cpc6128 -snapshot ".\roms\BruceLee_AmstradCPC.sna" -cfg_directory ".\cfg\BruceLee_AmstradCPC" -joy

    I'm thinking import  the game1.sna but how to write parameters  and pick up same game1 name 

    Any help would be most wellcomed and will inprove my understanding in future setups as well.

    I can do this to every rom 1 at a time, but do feel ( or hope) theres a better way.


  6. 24 minutes ago, EgoBizarro said:

    @drphobus if I don't understand you in a wrong way, you can just import those using 'None of the above' on the first window of the import wizard for bat or exe files.

    yeh can kinda get there but it like selecting roms then saying only joking not realy not a rom. Launchbox is about making things easy to add in a very stratforword way. Same argument could have been made for Origin, Epic etc.

  7. just added a Feature request on bitbucket


    Here below is my bitbucket request 

    Now that a android version of Launchbox is no longer on the cards, would it be possible to use the android screen as a second screen. I have used a tablet as a remote desktop in the past as well as a remote control for pc based music software,so might be possible. It would be a shame to let all that programming knowledge from the android version of launchbox go to waste. And as most people have a smartphone or tablet it would be unique and I think well appreciated.

    would like other thoughts on the idea. So far it has no votes on bitbucket but i think that if it can be done it will make a great addition to cp wizard.To be honest i don't know if it's achievable.


  8. 20 hours ago, maschine said:

    Hi all,

    I am struggling to get a particular game working. Actually it was my favorite game in those days, called Oil Imperium or Black Gold. It can be found on whdload.de http://whdload.de/games/OilImperium.html

    Yet, I did not find the right parameters to launch it via FS-UAE. Any help appreciated! Thanks


    if i can remember in my amiga days if all else fails use kickstart 1.2 (that was on the real amiga ,but might be worth a try)

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  9. 6 hours ago, Jason Carr said:

    Eventually I'm planning on adding controller-specific configurations (different bindings for each controller). When we tackle that, I'll make sure to cover this. As for right now, though, doing that properly would require tracking controllers separately, and currently they're all combined, so I can't really make that happen until we do that restructuring.

    Trackball support is completely separate code than game controllers, so unfortunately no, it's not something I can slip in right now. I actually have a version of the code in progress for trackball support for Big Box, but it proved to be more extensive than I had originally thought, and sadly it hasn't seemed to garner a whole lot of interest so I haven't been back to it as of yet.

    thanks for the reply. I can wait

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    This is just an idea 
    With both RocketLauncher and Launchbox doing double duty on some features now, would it be a good time to have a global rocket launcher option ( just under or over led blinky phahaps).
    active  =   disable conflicting launchbox features
    Inactive = default (not using RL)
    The reasoning behind this is simply to keep focus on the ever expanding Launchbox features, but still not upsetting any RocketLauncher folks. Yes I know you can disable features individually but probably in time the list will expand. This would also simplify troubleshooting in the future.



    Just wanted to let you know about this in case. The games are run in a fullscreen mode from a bat file. was put in

    Launchbox add in the bottom right 

    When using the startup screen with Action Max this error pops up

    “could not initialize video display directdraw surface3:lock undefined error!”

    Tried all 4 possible options , hide windows in fullscreen mode, aggressive as well as both options at same time. The error is always the same.

    Works just fine (but ugly) with no startup screen. Will get around to trying other daphine seige games soon


  12. 46 minutes ago, Jason Carr said:


    The plan is for pause screens to jump to a Big Box-type interface with options, similar to the way that Rocket Launcher currently works. Not promising all Rocket Launcher features, however. I'm not sure what you mean by "scrapper options".


    Sorry  thought I would get away without a spelling checker ( I never seem to learn).

    I just meant a scraper  similar to getting manuals, for maps, walkthrough’s (not that i need them 🙂 much) and  a notes for old retro computers that need keyboard input to run games .


  13. Any chance of a overview about the type of pause mode your thinking of

    ie/   like a video pause so you can awnser a doorbell etc.

    or jump to a whole menu screen with options

    a simple overlay for controls / maps / protection sheets etc

     and if one of the latter two , will there be scrapper options

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