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  1. also Atari 2600 core has no paddle support. This only affects people who love breakout, kaboom and other bat and ball games.
  2. thanks for the reply. I can wait
  3. Just asking but would this be a good time to give the trackball option for arcade cabs
  4. same here s9+ UK playstore i get the same list as above
  5. This is just an idea With both RocketLauncher and Launchbox doing double duty on some features now, would it be a good time to have a global rocket launcher option ( just under or over led blinky phahaps). ie active = disable conflicting launchbox features Inactive = default (not using RL) The reasoning behind this is simply to keep focus on the ever expanding Launchbox features, but still not upsetting any RocketLauncher folks. Yes I know you can disable features individually but probably in time the list will expand. This would also simplify troubleshooting in the future.
  6. . Just wanted to let you know about this in case. The games are run in a fullscreen mode from a bat file. was put in Launchbox add in the bottom right When using the startup screen with Action Max this error pops up “could not initialize video display directdraw surface3:lock undefined error!” Tried all 4 possible options , hide windows in fullscreen mode, aggressive as well as both options at same time. The error is always the same. Works just fine (but ugly) with no startup screen. Will get around to trying other daphine seige games soon
  7. Sounds great. Retrogaming was never meant to be a have everything now. It’s a ever on going expanding hobby
  8. Sorry thought I would get away without a spelling checker ( I never seem to learn). I just meant a scraper similar to getting manuals, for maps, walkthrough’s (not that i need them 🙂 much) and a notes for old retro computers that need keyboard input to run games .
  9. Any chance of a overview about the type of pause mode your thinking of ie/ like a video pause so you can awnser a doorbell etc. or jump to a whole menu screen with options a simple overlay for controls / maps / protection sheets etc and if one of the latter two , will there be scrapper options
  10. A good start will be have a look at this youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHoLXoD5C7s Maverick's Arcade Ultimarc I PAC Ultimate I/O I find he's very good for info. Also has other vids for trackball, led blinky, aimtrak etc.
  11. are you still using the rocketlauncher fade in and out or the new per platform fade in and out with launchbox ( i belive you will need to turn the launchbox option off if using rocket launcher ,not sure ) ps/ miss your old how to vids ( never got my head around the whole technoparrot stuff) one last thing Thanks
  12. Just wanted to take a break myself, from being a long time lurker to say . Thank for your continued support and bug fixing. How i do so hate programs that have that annoying bug that never gets sorted.
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