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  1. I did an import of my Neo Geo games and everything imported but when it comes to the art and video files only some got filled. I have all the art and video files locally but they are not the same as the names that downloaded. For example, the art is done as jpg wile my local art is png. The video files are the same format but the names are different. The local ones match the ROM files while the scraped ones have the full name. Is it possible to have Launchbox look locally for the files as a batch so I can say look for video files for these ROM files in this directory instead
  2. Not sure where this should go so I thought I would put it in the Noob section. I have a two player plus roller ball X-Arcade tank stick. I'm realizing I'm never gonna play two player on this so I was wondering if I could re-purpose the two player stick and buttons to be a 4 way controller for the games that need it and leave the single player as my 8way. Is that even possible and how would I go about setting it up? Thanks
  3. I think I found the answer. If I use the roller ball as my mouse controller then I can select the game I want pretty easily. I was trying to use the joystick as my selector but it doesn't work. Thanks for the help.
  4. I've looked around the forum and found quite a few people posting information about getting a tankstick to quit the games but I can't seem to get mine to be able to start one. I've tried all the buttons but none of them allow me to start a game from inside Launchbox or MAME. I can quit the game just fine once I'm inside it but I have to use my mouse in order to launch a game. I tried to go under the options to set a button but when I click the option it prompts me to "hit the button" but it won't accept any button I press on my tank stick. It just sits at that screen.
  5. I have the tank stick with the rollerball. How do I get that to work in MAME for the games that would use it? Seems a shame not to use it since it's part of the controller but right now only my joystick works.
  6. I have some issue with my Retroarch setup. All the other ROMs works great (N64, Genesis, Atari 2600, NES) but none of my SNES ones will run. When I try I just get the music and the play count goes up but nothing happens. I deleted my SNES Cores and re-downloaded the SNES9x core. Same result. Everything else works great though so I don't think retroarch is messed up. Any ideas why SNES won't work?
  7. Sorry if this has been asked before. I'm new to all of this so I'm kind of stumbling my way through it all. In the display options for art all I see are the few options in the image type (box, screen shot, ect. I have a ton of different images downloaded for each game in MAME. How can I tell Launchbox which image to display for each game? Is that possible? For example, if I want the banner to display instead of the box art, how would I tell it to do that? Thanks.
  8. That did the trick. Going under the Analog control settings let me dial it down so the controls are usable now. I was wondering though how do people play games like Tron or Discs of Tron? I know the controllers like the Tank Stick or Xtensions have the roller ball but what about dual controllers for games or unique controllers for games like Star Wars or racing games? What are people using?
  9. I've been looking up this problem and I can't find anyone that's had a issue with the controls moving too fast on some games. The games themselves aren't running fast, it's just the controls. When you try to move, the movement is so rapid that it can't be controlled. Games such as 720 and APB are really bad about it. I didn't see any setting on MAME to control the speed of the controls but I could be missing a setting somewhere. Any ideas? thanks.
  10. Just as an FYI in case anyone runs into a similar problem, I was able to get my issue fixed with the various ROM files. My Atari BIOS file was apparently corrupted. I replaced it with a newly downloaded one and all the ROMs that were having issues now work. So my advice for anyone who's having ROM issues (and take this with a big ol' block of salt since I'm brand new to all of this) is check three things: 1. The parent ROM 2. The BIOS for the ROM 3. the ROM file itself So far one or all of that list has fixed every ROM file that wouldn't load. Of course, now that I've said that
  11. Is there a tutorial somewhere or can someone walk me though how to setup Retroarch to work with MAME ROMs? I have a few ROMs that I can't seem to get to work using the newest version of MAME. They worked under older versions of MAME but the new one gives me errors when I try to run them. Some of the games in question are Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Xevious, and Road Blasters if that helps. I thought that trying Retroarch might let me run these titles that I'm having issues with but I can't find any tutorials on how to set it up. I got the MAME core and set it to run in Lun
  12. I got everything working really well. Lightspeed did the trick. No more clones or duplicates so that's great. I think my problem before was telling it to copy into the LB folder. This time I kept it in a separate folder that everything looks to. That seems to have fixed most of my original problems. Thanks for all the help from everyone.
  13. ok, I hadn't thought of it that way. I've been telling it to copy the files into the LB folder but maybe I should keep them in a separate folder that both LB and MAME look to for the ROM files. I haven't really messed around with the Lightspeed yet. I'll look into that.
  14. I re-imported everything and it cut the list down considerably. Thanks for all the info. One thing I was wondering, if I tell it not to import clones and everything and choose to prioritize the North American games over world ones, will it also get the parent ROMs if they are needed even if the parent ROM isn't a North American ROM file? Right now I have a much smaller list but it has a lot of duplicates and clones. I was thinking of doing another re-import to try and cut down on all the duplicates but I want to make sure I get the parent ROMs and any extra files I might need with some o
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