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  1. Hey everyone, I've seen this issue mentioned a few times without a specific resolution. I am getting really poor performance only when I go to Tools -> Options or load Big Box. It takes almost a minute or so to load either, meanwhile I stare at a blue spinning circle and tell Windows to wait when it asks if I want to wait for the application to respond or just close it. Everything else in Launchbox is super speedy, and I only have 4 games loaded into my library so far, so library size isn't an issue. I had this problem on my other laptop (Windows 10, integrated graphics, Realtek sound) but now I have it on my new one as well (Windows 10, integrated graphics, also a GeForce GTX 1060, and Realtek sound). I do not have this problem on my desktop, which does not have integrated video. There's got to be some kind of DirectX conflict with a fairly common driver or something, but Windows 10 won't let me install/re-install the DirectX 9 End-User Runtime, saying it's part of Windows 10. Anyone have any ideas where to look? Thanks.
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    SentaiBrad said Probably not to be honest. We recognize that ScummVM is in dire need of a reworking though, so we might be able to work something like this in. We know DOS even needs the ability to be able to swap between versions and forks, we just didn't know one existed for ScummVM either. No worries, I'd love for this to be on your roadmap though. Basically, it seems like most everything necessary to make it work is already part of the ScummVM and ResidualVM command lines... we just need some flexibility around command line options and what is and isn't passed to DOSBox, ScummVM, and ResidualVM (along with ability to drop in your own replacement versions of these apps)... almost similar to how the ROM/Emulator functionality works. You guys know best how to implement this stuff, and I'm comfortable you understand my plight.. I'll leave you guys to it! Thanks for a great app. Happy to have my lifetime license and looking forward to continued updates. - Chris
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    SentaiBrad said Ah! It's kind of an exe replacement and meant for the 3D LucasArt's games! I get it now. Basically exactly like ScummVM, except it's designed for the LucasArts games that use GrimE as their engine - not SCUMM. I thought that I could work around it not being supported directly by setting it up as an emulator, but that's not working as it asks me to add a ROM file. There is no ROM file, just like ScummVM. It's a directory that holds all of the data files for the game. Is there any way to get this working without ResidualVM being directly supported?
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    The old graphics engine used in both games isn't compatible with many new cards and Residual remedies that. I could run Grim Remastered, I suppose.. but no such luck with EFMI - the other MI games run great in DOSBox or in ScummVM.
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    I've been getting my classic games added to Launchbox and was wondering if there was any chance you might be able to add support for ScummVM's sister project, ResidualVM. I believe I could probably fumble through things by adding it as an additional program, but it would be cool if support were there like it is for ScummVM. The programs are pretty close to identical, though ScummVM gets quite a bit more development and more frequent releases... but Grim Fandango and Escape from Monkey Island are both playable inside of ResidualVM! Thanks, Chris
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