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  1. Good morning all this can be a next useful update, i have this problem: i have lot of games with varoius roms or is versions, and i can choice with "additional app/app version" in bigbox, but here the problem, when i choice another version, it starts with the first default emulator, i cant choice to start with a second emulator. i want to choice another rom version but with possibility "open with", this option appear only with the default rom any help? thanks
  2. hi guys, i definetly found solution, now i have those systems at 95% set for 2 players where possible: American Laser games Amiga Arcade Commodore 64 Model 2 Model 3 Teknoparrot Master System atari 7800 atari 2600 Psx PS2 Saturn Super nintendo Sega Arcades (like Lupin and others with demul) NES WII Xbox (virtua cop3) Aliens Extermination Some games like wii, and aliens extermination i maded 2 versions to launch with and without crosshair Lot of demulshooter settings maded, script and keys assigned to wiimote i dont use touchmote, all is in mode 2 , the secret is have 2 mayflash dolphin bars, so you can play all games in 2 players, only wii is in mode 4 i decided to buy wii rifles , maded a lateral button connected to the A button for reload or special weapons, and a small engine for make vibrating it when you shoot (its funny hehehe) 4 months of work and 220 games available for now
  3. good evening all i bought 2 mayflash dolphin bar, in mode 2 , i can have 2 mice, and here is the problem: RA 1.8.8 RAW input, beetle psx, input option guncon and mouse index 0 for player one and mouse index 1 for player 2 at this point i can move both cross, but only 1 can shoot, the player 2 dont shoot, trigger for both players is left mouse i could expect that one player could shoot for both players cause i thinked left mouse button was shared, but something works good cause the second player dont shoot pressing the B button on wiimote of player 1, but this is the problem too...what i need to make shoot second player?
  4. hello guys i'm new about RAW inputs i set it on retroarch, but i cant move the crosses with touchmote, only with mouse, how can i set up touchmote for works with raw inputs? i know about mayflash dolphin bar have 4 modes (one is raw mode) but i have a normal dolphin bar, can i do something to recognize the wiimotes as raw mode with normal bar?
  5. hi i will try mednafen directly thanks! no i didnt used ctrl shift etc, i will try too thanks!
  6. good morning all! i use touchmote in a perfect way, mame core of retroarch (2 players too), commodore 64 with vice, amiga, master system, nes, snes, American Laser Games. here is the problem PSX (rearmed) and Saturn (mednafen) PSX: player 1 , perfect way using mouse pointer plauer 2, dont move, but if i fire with player 1 , player 2 fire too I changed all parameters, tried 2 differents layouts on touchmote, used mouse index option (0,1,2,3) nothing... i can't resolve the problem Saturn: it seems to be ok but when i need to have 2 players, some games needs the joypad for move in the menus, in this case i use the gun option and second player as joypad for move on the menus, there is a way to do this with gun and joypad as player 1 in the same situation? cause i can choice only GUN or Retropad , can i switch in the game quickly without enter in the RA menu? thanks
  7. good morning all i have a problem from years that i cant solve with thoucmote, my sensor bar is on TOP, when i see the pointer, it seems to be more down than the wiimote, there is a way to force touchmote to regulate the vertical position? in mame is more down when i use it as JOY Y , as mouse it dont move , i changed all parameters for make mouse as lightgun but nothing, normal mouse works thanks
  8. @JoeViking245 hi thanks!!! there is no way to play automatically the tape without F2? thanks ^^
  9. hi! very nice thanks on mame, some cassette dont start autotatically, also disks, for explame MZ-700 cassette, with your command i cant say "load" and it say "play" perfect, but how to play and throttle automatically? thanks
  10. good evening all in new version on bigbox i can't press anymore F1 and F2 for change type of visualization and can't change from cart to boxes to screenshots ecc... i need to choice one type of image on launchbox before and then launch bigbox
  11. hi, i know that is possible to load ALG trough 4DO libretro, i have no idea how to do that, what i need to load, bios, ecc any help? thanks
  12. good morning i have 2 versions of MAME that i called MAME LCD MAME CRT for some systems like apple 2 , etc i use mame, with those systems there is a problem. if i start the game directly with the default emulator "MAME LCD" the system and game works if i use "LAUNCH WITH" in BIGBOX , and i choice MAME LCD or MAME CRT, mame exits, giving errors like that can't find the rom. thanks in advance
  13. Good morning All i have an issue, i created manually the platform "light gun games" with games inside. In launchbox they shows normally, when i launch big box when i enter in the platform it says "no games" any help? thanks
  14. hello everyone! can anyone help me to configure those systems? thanks a lot ^^
  15. good morning guys i have small problem, i put the sensor bar on the top, choicing "top" but i tried other settings and positions but, putting it on the top and choiching "top" the pointer on the video is 5-6 cm under the wiimote...any help? something is settings.json? thanks
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