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  1. Thanks haha, yeah simple but I thought it might be needed until I realized the issue I was trying to make a temp fix for was already patched/fixed in launchbox. I was trying to run Future Pinball tables from Launchbox and having trouble with the Future Pinball software loading the games. Found a fix here by a guy on youtube that uses command line parameters and it fixes the issue. But Launchbox has fixed it by being able to use this code in the emulator section for command line codes: /open %romfile% /play /exit and this works fine so no worries it works fine now. I just found the fix after posting this, as I do a small bit of VB .net coding. I was not sure if you could pass command line parameters when loading Launchbox.. I thought you could, considering Launchbox itself passes command line parameters to other emulators? Redundant? Yeah that was the point though since I thought it was still an issue.. I was going to try to just get the needed data (the file path) and then run launchbox with command line to run the Future Pinball games. Thanks ok but I wanted it to be able to click the game entry in Launchbox and then have it load the game via the Future Pinball software. I was hoping to give back to the community with a small temp fix or anything else I could make but this is already patched and working. Thanks for responding though @JoeViking245 I really appreciate it.
  2. I would like to know how to get specific information from launchbox and then run launchbox with specific command-line parameters. I need to know how I can get the rom filepath from launchbox into my VB .net program and then also to launch the rom with LaunchBox.exe with some command-line parameters. Hoping someone can help with this. Thanks
  3. I need to update my mame collection and would like to just start over with the metadata and videos and redo an import of the updated collection. How do I properly delete the old mame metadata/videos? I am thinking if I just go into the launchbox mame folder where it keeps the images/videos and delete them that the entries may still be lurking in the database and I might screw things up. How do we do this the correct way? Do I just Highlight the game entries via the Launchbox interface and Delete them this way? Would this delete all the games metadata, images and videos as well? Thanks
  4. Nevermind, dumb question, I got it.. add Category was what I was looking for..
  5. I would like to know how I can organize my menu so it says under Arcade, Mame.. and then I want to have sub menus for mame such as Fighting Games, Beat'em Ups, Side Scrollers, Classics etc.. but also wanted to add under the Arcade Menu, Final Burn Alpha as well as Demul or more specifically Naomi Games. How do I do this I am not used to these new features yet Thanks. Also what if I wanted to have a game that shows in 2 categories for example Street Fighter.. I would want that showing in Fighting Games as well as Classics.. without having to add the rom twice if possible..
  6. yes I figured that might happen but that is why I am going to just painstakingly go through everything even if it takes forever. I know they keep adding games but at least I can get rid of the stuff I would never play. I will probably make a list of all the roms/chds that I would remove so even if I upgrade my romset later I can at least know what I don't want from the previous set. Can I favorite in LaunchBox or is that only in BigBox? I just upgraded from version 7.14 I think it was to version 9.1.. what happened to the menu they made it weird now. I like your typical software menu placement. Anyway to put that the way it was rather than having to click the 3 white lines next to the logo? Minor gripe.. just saying.. Ok also wondering about the CHDs as you mentioned is there some kind of list, current hopefully.. that can tell me what roms go with what CHDs? Like what are it's associated files? I do not want to delete a romset only to find out it had an associated CHD or delete a CHD and not know the name of the associated romset. Thanks @neil9000 yes Mame is quite different than most others but also one of the best. You gotta love it though right?
  7. Thanks @CDBlue That is what I was thinking as well, there are some obscure gems out there though, I am a big fan of beat'em ups, action side scrollers and 1 on 1 fighting games as well as platformers. Discovered lots of gems I never got to actually play at the arcade growing up but awesome games are in there if you have the time to just try one rom after another and see what it is.. just too much other crap though if you ask me. Mahjong for example I don't know how to play and well it's not my type of thing but there is so much other junk stuff I would never play in a million years so I am just afraid this task of going through a full mame romset is going to take a million years! lol..
  8. ok well I have read that either the split set or the non merged set is what we should be using but I am confused as to what I should do. Yes the split set is smaller in size but the problem I am trying to solve is this. I want to be able to go through my mame romsets and be able to remove any games I do not wish to play or have in my collection. So with the split set the problem is that if I don't like a parent romset and delete it then I would have to hunt down all the clones for the parent set which is a pain to say the least. Deleting just clones that I don't like is fine obviously I am just assuming that there are tons of games that I would not be interested in, which brings me back to non merged sets.. so if I use non merged roms instead of split yeah the size is larger ok but then what happens when I want to delete a romset? I assume it would only delete whichever .zip file I choose and keep everything else.. it just seems confusing as far as deleting and pruning the collection. I would go with the split since it takes up less space but I just don't know if that would be best for me in this situation. Like this is just an example but lets say there is a japanese parent game that has a USA clone and I only want the USA version that could not be done with a split set.. so do you guys think I should just rock the non-merged set to make things less confusing? Can anyone make more sense of this?.. and what other situations could arise between these romsets and deleting them one at a time?
  9. I heard a while back about people modding their ps3's by installing new modified operating systems onto them giving them all kinds of new abilities.. My PS3 is just collecting dust and I would like to re-purpose it so I can play mame, nes, snes, sega genesis, ps2 games on it. So first I am am wondering how to backup my current data and restore it when need be.. then of course to install a modified OS giving it more abilities than usual. So for that part I am wondering what is available software wise for this and where do I find/download these from? After I overwrite the default PS3 Operating System can I restore it to default again? If so how do I do this as well? Thanks, this sounds a bit difficult so I could really use some guidance with this. I will probably want to install retro arch to do most of the emulation..
  10. nope it's 1000 MHz more than the MSI RX 550 for some reason, just came back from the store, I went with the ASUS RX 550 4GB version. Wish me luck. I'm going to install this thing today, and try to get my Launchbox/BigBox collection all setup. It's going to take some time unfortunately but hey it's worth it to be able to connect this PC to my TV and play all my favorite retro games.
  11. I hear you, my other PC I have an ASRock Motherboard and an XFX Radeon HD 7950. Been working just fine..
  12. ok thanks for the replies, I think I may go for the ASUS version of the RX 550 since it has 1000 MHz more than the MSI RX 550 in the Effective Memory Clock . That should make a big difference right?
  13. yeah gotta be new I hate buying anything used especially when it comes to computer parts. Looks like I will have to spend more than I wanted to but check my last post and tell me what you guys think between those 2 models.. basically have similar specs but since I have an ASUS Motherboard maybe I would be better off just buying the ASUS? How are MSI GPU Cards? Who makes the best GPU cards in the business? Also what is your take on AMD VS Nvidia GPU cards at this time?
  14. also looking at this: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814137136 MSI Radeon RX 550 DirectX 12 RX 550 AERO ITX 4G OC 4GB and this https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=14-126-198 ASUS Radeon RX 550 4G GDDR5
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