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  1. 2 minutes ago, zetec-s-joe said:

    Do whatever you think works best :) , the original pack by the ceator had versions without the head also

    I'm Just thinking what will look better haha. I'll do the head.

  2. 5 minutes ago, zetec-s-joe said:

    Wow, never even thought about the Cart Art! They look amazing, The system had like no art whatsover this morning, this is great

    Yea it's turning out really well :)

    That's all for tonight very late here haha.

    Also with the Mario games, For the logos i won't be putting in his head as all other logos do not normally include pictures.

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  3. Just now, zetec-s-joe said:

    I'd probably use the normal logo from N64 to be correct as this is the only art as there was no box


    This should be considered the latest up to date set

    Awesome, To Easy.

    Here is the Bonus. 

    Matching Cart images. Ill do the whole set for these too.



    F-Zero X Expansion Kit

    Mario Artist Communication Kit

    Randnet Browser

    Sim City 64 

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  4. 7 minutes ago, zetec-s-joe said:

    I guess it's title going by the official title screen is Super Mario Disk Version, known in the HyperList as Super Mario 64 (Proto)
    A 64DD protocart was found and dumped and contained a full version of Super Mario 64, I know people were playing through to see if there was any changes from the normal N64 game, but been added to 64DD game lists since, Maybe someone with power here could update the Games DB

    Ok thanks for the info :) 

    So the Logo is Fine as is? Normally you go by the Cover not the title screen.

    EDIT: I can do the Disk version, I am just wondering what everyone would want to use.

  5. 2 minutes ago, zetec-s-joe said:

    A bonus?! xD

    One is a Store demo of the normal one, the one with a long name is an expansion pack to the normal game

    Ok good to know :) , So what the Situation with Super Mario? I didn't quite get your post.

  6. 5 minutes ago, zetec-s-joe said:

    Will be a great thing to see a real 64DD on the system, I so no need to get my head down and learn how to use photoshop

    1st image looks amazing superb!

    Thanks, I'm also looking over the net for higher quality covers to get the logos, but not much luck, For the ones i can't find i'll just improve them as much as i can.

    Here is Radnet Broswer


  7. 7 minutes ago, zetec-s-joe said:

    Yeah, HyperList is currently 12 games, theres 11 in the folder, I didn't put this in for the Super Mario 64 {Proto)


    Ok Thanks, Ill improve them as much as possible. Will be sweet to do an entire Game set.

    Here is the first one. Fixed all jagged edges and wasted space.


  8. 2 minutes ago, zetec-s-joe said:

    They are, I haven't got mine setup just yet, but F Zero Expansion etc recently made playable, videos on youtube im sure its a mednefan emulator

    Ok Cool, Also is the pack you gave me all the games?

  9. 3 minutes ago, zetec-s-joe said:

    Bit of an odd ball one here... EmuMovies and LaunchBox Database has nothing on Clear Logos for the Nintendo 64DD

    I have found a pack made by jd83jd83 so credit to him. it just need's tidying up if thats a thing lol, the images have the odd jaggys, and most have alot of empty space around. the pack attached has an image for 11 out of 12 games, the only one missing is Super Mario 64 (Proto) which I guess a Japan Super Mario 64 Clear logo will fill the gap.

    Maybe if you get board you could take a look, sorry if im asking for too much


    Edit; I've just realised Japan use the same Mario 64 Logo as us so I will just copy that out of the N64 Set

    No worries, I'll have a look.

  10. Just now, zetec-s-joe said:

    Takes time and effort, a thank you costs nothing.

    Ahh, I forgot about the database! I go between Frontends so will just keep hold of them and if anyone asks ill send them here! Ill add some more fullsets to LaunchBox and see whats missing :)

    Go for it.

  11. 22 minutes ago, zetec-s-joe said:

    I can't believe how happy a clear logo can make me haha, yes, that is now NGC complete with EmuMovies others, maybe I can go through some other sets and let you know what they have missing if not too many. You could put fix packs on the front page? All my Sets are HyperList complete sets.

    But seriously, thanks alot. Cleaned up 2 sets for me. greatly appreciated

    Your response makes this all worth it :) , Cool, Yea man go for it let me know whats missing. What do you mean by Fix packs? A zip folder of the missing ones? When i do these i also upload them to the LB Database so everyone can use them when they import.

    Edit: Prob don't need to do the packs since i put them in the databse.

  12. 2 hours ago, zetec-s-joe said:

    Thanks so much, this is great work, thats all 32X clear logos complete.

    Any chance to have a real Neo Geo Pocket Color Clear Logo Set you could do Picture Puzzle but in English, the EmuMovies only supply a Japan Logo, here is what it should be if you could be so kind

    Image result for picture puzzle neo geo color

    Here you go man, Is that now a complete set for Neo Geo Pocket Color?


  13. 16 hours ago, zetec-s-joe said:

    Hi, this thread is a great idea and must be helping alot of people, so annoying when the odd few games in a set have art missing!

    Any chance you could do Sangokushi IV for Sega 32X?

    Here is a link to the art, I think just the red part is need for a correct logo Related image

    Here you go Buddy, 

    I done 2 to choose from.



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