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  1. Having an Issue with Project 64 not exiting with Big Box hot key close, Any Ideas? Thanks
  2. Sorry to NecroPost but i have the Epoch SCV Emulator working but i can't seem to get the larger Games to play i.e Dragonball, Pole Position 2 etc. Any help would be great.
  3. Hey Zanabest, Sure I can do that for you, When I get home from work I'll get started on it. Thanks for the kind words
  4. I'm Just thinking what will look better haha. I'll do the head.
  5. Unless you think the Mario head is a good idea? I could work it in to be smaller.
  6. Yea it's turning out really well That's all for tonight very late here haha. Also with the Mario games, For the logos i won't be putting in his head as all other logos do not normally include pictures.
  7. Awesome, To Easy. Here is the Bonus. Matching Cart images. Ill do the whole set for these too. F-Zero X Expansion Kit Mario Artist Communication Kit Randnet Browser Sim City 64
  8. Ok thanks for the info So the Logo is Fine as is? Normally you go by the Cover not the title screen. EDIT: I can do the Disk version, I am just wondering what everyone would want to use.
  9. Ok good to know , So what the Situation with Super Mario? I didn't quite get your post.
  10. Ok, What makes them different from one another? Also have a Bonus Coming for you.
  11. The Doshin game had 3 logos in the folder, 2 of them were for the Gamecube version, So ill make a proper one for the 64DD.
  12. Here is F-Zero Fixed edges, some miss color and wasted space.
  13. Thanks, I'm also looking over the net for higher quality covers to get the logos, but not much luck, For the ones i can't find i'll just improve them as much as i can. Here is Radnet Broswer
  14. Ok Thanks, Ill improve them as much as possible. Will be sweet to do an entire Game set. Here is the first one. Fixed all jagged edges and wasted space.
  15. Ok Cool, Also is the pack you gave me all the games?
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