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  1. Hi! yesterday at night i try puNES, there was only one problem, in my device is a bit laggy (its a chinese tabletPC with Cherry Trail) and one of my purposes is create a guide for gaming in this kind of devices. Anyway, I found it fantastic, especially that emulates a CRT and automatically detects the region of the game, unlike Nestopia (or I I did not know how)
  2. I will try ir tomorrow i could not do anything today Nice! Thanks Jason. Is there any way to access the beta?
  3. Hi! i follow the retroarch tutorial and i cant get it to work, i dont know why. I download the cores, active them, and when i go to load a rom, retroarch quits. I would really like to use and works well, however, I am preparing a guide for newbies about Launchbox, in my native language (Spanish) and I'm not too good with English so I try to find the simplest possible solutions. to explain it perfectly. As is the case of using Nestopia it is very easy to set up or use Mednafen emulator with which I have not had any problems. Currently I have many systems running with different emulators that emulate with the Retroarch all. But as I say, I can not make it work in any of my platforms (Windows and OSX) Anyway, my question was another, that of the command line and I guess sooner or later be solved :). Thanks to all for the responses :D.
  4. Thanks lordnokus, I tried using Retroarch, but can not get it to work (i downloaded the cores and all but nothing), I do not understand what I may be doing wrong. I'll try the emulator you mention, many thanks for the help: D
  5. Hello everyone, I wear a weeks using Launchbox and I can not be happier, easy to configure and very powerful. But I have a little problem with some emulators. It turns out that in all land use additional command lines such as using full screen or a screen rotation. The problem comes in the position where you put the command line. I explain. In the emulator Nestopia for example, command lines going after the name of the ROM. However, Launchbox puts ever before and therefore does not load the ROM. So my question is: Is there any way to change this? either in the emulator or Launchbox Thank you all!
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