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  1. playstation games work pretty well yep. And I'm using retroarch + light shaders for 8 / 16 bit systems. Search on google / video and you'll find plenty of vids showing various emulators on this tiny thing : ) Bigbox is a bit heavy for the GPD Win, I'm using Attract Mode now, another frontend, very light on the RAM , CPU and SSD. (I still love and use Launchbox/BigBox on my main machine.)
  2. Hi! I made myself 2 categories, PC Windows Games (more focused on AAA boxed games) and Indie PC Games. Then I import either the .exe or a shortcut from the game application in launchbox, select import as ROM, and select a random emulator for it which I won't use anyway. Once done, I select all the PC Games in launchbox, batch edit, and modify the emulator field to be blank. Done! Works for Steam and non-steam games : )
  3. @davyfreeman Wow, incredible work on your imgur link! Top notch quality, congrats ! (and thanks, I discovered some titles I wasn't aware of)
  4. @ckp Thanks for the explanations! I'll do this. Yes, you can buy one right now. Seems the next shipment is due to 15th january on the shop where I got mine (Europe): http://www.belchine.net/index.php?id_product=192&controller=product&id_lang=4&search_query=gpd+win&results=1 Please, please, be aware this is a cheaply made chinese product and it requires some tweaking before being 100% happy with it. Screen is great, controls are great, overall quality is more than ok, but this isn't a ready to use PSVita. Don't get it from second hand, and only
  5. Yep, it does wireless screen projection. I don't have any use of this feature, but it's interesting to know it's supported.
  6. GPU + CPU on a chip. But there is a real active fan, with a physical swtich (off / midspeed / fullspeed). I also told the bios to shutdown the system if a specific temperature is reached (80° Celsius). It never happened for now, and this chipset can go up the 90° without harm. My hands would burn before the console : ) I don't know what miracast is, but you can find a mini hdmi port on the console. (If you're interested in it, do not buy it from second hand, the very first models had faulty gpu. Get a new model from the last batches. Some shop
  7. You'd be very surprised, I even played the latest Resident Evil 7 demo on it this week. It requires some tweaks in the bios, but if you spend a bit of time to max the CPU and GPU, this device is amazing, really. (out of the box, not that much) I'm not using streaming on it, as storage isn't a issue (64gb ssd + 128go usb mini stick + 128go micro sdcard). This device screams "Let me run Bigbox", BigBox perfs are very ok even displaying video previews. And thanks to @cpk I should be able to do it now : )
  8. @DOS76 Even if being a super low spec device, the GPD win can be tweaked to run gamecube, wii, ps2 and pretty demanding PC games. But these games need to use 100% of the CPU to be playable. A few programs running in background and you get slowdows / hiccups. For example, the gamecube games emulated on the GPD Win in this vid use 50hz/Pal versions... NTSC/60fps can't be achieved. It's that tricky. But at the end of the day, you get your Dolphin and Steam library in your pocket (with a Xinput integrated gamepad) and it's awesome: EDIT: I don't hav
  9. Hi, I recently bought a fantastic super small device called GPD Win. It's a windows 10 handled console, shaped as a 3DS, and I'd like to use BigBox on it. I made some tests, and it runs pretty ok. But this device is very CPU and Ram limited, so I'd like BigBox to be closed after launching a game. Would this be possible? : ) EDIT : should you be curious, more infos on the GPD Win here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/gpd-win-intel-z8700-win-10-os-game-console-laptop#/
  10. Should this help, I found it on wikipedia ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairway_Solitaire ) and also on the MS Store: https://www.microsoft.com/fr-fr/store/p/fairway-solitaire-by-big-fish/9wzdncrdd4f0 Fairway Solitaire: Web game 2006; PC/Mac December 2007
  11. Fairway Solitaire definitely has (had? at some point?) a drm free PC version, my wife is playing it on my computer on a regular basis : ) That said, Bigfish and Popcap heavily changed their games catalog during the years as they were transitioning to the mobile market (or were bought by bigger companies as EA). Maybe they don't sell it anymore? Oh, also, for the mysterious korean game, sure:
  12. @FistyDollars Pack 3 available! : ) 157 new boxes carefully crafted!
  13. Alright, everything has been renamed in a clean way and zipped into a new archive here: Also, let's give ourselves a pat on the back: we just reached 326 boxes. 326 BOXES! how cool is this? < 3 It means every major indie game title will be now included in the Launchbox database... Mission complete for the most part! From now it will only be a few boxes to make from times to times to catch up with some titles we could have missed. Thanks a lot @madfox and @fistydollars, you rock guys!
  14. One more box for the new and lovely Shantae half genie hero game. Making the huge ZIP pack as we speak : )
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