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  1. I have created a playlist that holds all my wife's favorites from various platforms. Is there a way for me to append the platform name after the game name? I have a couple of the same games from different platforms and we have two different controllers depending on the game. For example: Tempest (MAME) Pilotwings (N64) KLAX (MAME) KLAX (Gamecube) etc.... Thanks! Rob
  2. The "read only" solution just doesn't seem to work 100%. I am not a good scripter. If anyone is and wants to donate to the cause, it would be appreciated. Rob
  3. MAME losing it's controller settings is a known issue and most of the "fixes" don't seem to do it for me. The biggest problem is to make sure that the controller (Wireless Xbox One) is turned on prior to selecting a MAME game. So I am looking for a way to "remind" everyone to do so. Does LB have a way to me to add a Pop up or a screen that after you go to MAME, select a game, select play but BEFORE MAME is actually started, everything pauses, a pop-up comes up stating "Make sure you controller is on", any button to continue". This would have high WAF. And yes, if you always use the controller to move around, there would not be an issue, but remember I indicated WAF. It is pointless to even try to explain that.... lol Rob
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