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  1. Yeah, it looks like that's worked apart from my NES collection which doesn't seem to have images. No biggie as I can just reimport them. Thanks for the assistance and thanks for the amazing software!
  2. Currently copying a load of images that I'd somehow put in the wrong location. It might just have been me making a mess of things Jason. I'll report back if/when this copy is finished.
  3. Ok, so that has kinda worked. I now have lots of space on my internal storage, but the images that had been imported aren't showing up on any of the platforms. Do I need to refresh them somehow? ****** IGNORE ME I'D COCKED UP ******
  4. Thanks for the reply. Which folder can I move? The whole com.unbrokensoftware.launchbox?
  5. Hi, As a long time user of Launchbox for PC, I was eager to give the android version a go. I installed the app and immediately told my Xepreia Tab to move the install to the external SD card, however when I import platforms to the app the image data etc appears to be filling up the internal storage. I've now got to the point where the internal storage is now full, which is resulting in the app crashing when I try to import (as I assume there's no space to do so). When I check the apps storage details under system settings it claims to only be using 84mb on device, and 4.46gb on SD card. However Ex File manager suggests the images folder under /storage/emulated/0/android/data/com.unbrokensfotware.launchbox/files/launchbox/data is over 4gb in size. Is there any way to recitify this or move it to external storage?
  6. Hand't noticed that, Even more bizzarre! For what its worth VIEW IMAGES (CTRL+I) shows the bmp too.
  7. Hi, I'm currently adding a few images for platforms than have screenshots missing and Ive noticed that when I drag and drop an image from a browser into the EDIT pane of a launchbox rom and make it a SCREENSHOT - GAMEPLAY, it seems to add the file to the ROM item fine but not display the image in the details tab at all. However, if I convert the dragged .bmp to .jpg then it works fine. What's more puzzling is that if I drag an image to the EDIT pane and make it a BOX - FRONT, it then displays the .bmp file fine. Not sure if this is something thats just happened to launchbox, or if its an issu with browsers on Win10 (Firefox or Chrome seem to have the same result). EDIT: Also, if I choose EDIT and ADD IMAGE to get a file dialogue box, into which I drag the image from my broser it appears as a jpg and I can add the image fine, and it displays in the details tab too. So it appears to be something to do with launchbox and/or my browser making the file a .bmp and the details tab not liking them.
  8. Just tried this and it works! Thanks!
  9. I closed LB, deleted the [cache] folder itself and relaunched LB. Bad news is I still have the play count numbers in the title. Good news is that the numbers are at least showing the correct play counts now! This is regardless of which "arrange by" option is selected (play count/title etc...)
  10. I deleted the contents (rather then the folder) after closing LB. Yes, I do generally have the games sorted by play count so we're on to something here.
  11. Sooo ... I deleted the contents of the [cache] folder within [images] and it kinda worked. Now only *some* of the game titles have play counts on them.
  12. That sounds like a recurring theme! Thanks for the answers guys n gals.
  13. Hi again, After today's beta update the problem seems to have spread to other platforms too. It's rather odd...
  14. My launchbox has started showing what I assume was at one point a play count total for one of my platforms (PC). The number hasn't changed since it appeared (despite adding plays since it appeared). Is there any way to get rid of it? Example; (15) Hearthsone.
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