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    almost done

    almost done, Need to add 10inch monitor in the white space below the space above the monitor and graphics for the CP. Cheers Rombo
  2. Yeah I get the bin cue thing. that was just an example. I will head out to the garage and give that a try.
  3. First Post, Wrong place i'm sure. So the question I have is what is the folder depth max for rom file imports. eg, d:\psx\game name\game name\gamename.bin won't find the games if they are in d:\psx\game name\gamename.bin it does find the games they are in that folder depth because im guessing the way i extracted them. And I don't have the original package anymore. and yes of course i own all the originals. Launchbox rom import seem to not find the files unless i move them back a dir. The Are 800 games in this PSX collection. and manually moving them to dir lower is a very time consuming process. Does anyone have any hints or tricks to get this to work? Much thanks Rombo.
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