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  1. How do i setup zaccaria pinball to work with launchbox? Thanks
  2. I can no longer import videos from emumovies and launchbox when adding new games!!! when selecting what king of files to import the emumovies and launchbox option is not there, this happened after the last launchbox update. Thanks
  3. Does launchbox have a location where I can find all game list for all systems? Thanks
  4. knightCrawler


    Im not able to open launchbox it gives me an error Launchbox settings XML file is corrupt it cannot continue Root element is missing I need steeps to restore Thanks
  5. I have a 4k tv, but demul starts in window mode even after I configure to start in full screen how do I set it to start in full screen? I also need to use a esc to close emulator. Thanks
  6. knightCrawler


    Yes Im talking about Magnavox Odyssey 2 On launchbox Im using exe file but it still opens the launcher!!! then when I try to launch a game from the OEM2 launcher it ask me for a bios file.. I have install and pointed the bios file to right directory but still does not work.
  7. knightCrawler


    I added OEMs for Magnavox games but the games do not load instead the launcher opens up when I choose any game
  8. Im using GeePee32.. errors Parameter gp32 is not recognized Access: violation 004cdfb in module geepee32.exe
  9. knightCrawler

    GP32 in LB

    Im trying to use gp32 on LB and all I get is an error!!! is there some command line parameters I need to use to run GP32 to work with LB? Thanks
  10. ok thanks importing now
  11. What about when Im setting up new emulator It ask what is the related platform.
  12. HB and Regular mame look exactly the same and both need to be imported as an arcade, what is going to happened is LB is just going to add to the arcade platform and I will not have HB MAME separate from regular MAME this was what happened when I tried to add FB alpha its kind of messy now s,o what is the way not to have LB Keep it separate from each other. Thanks
  13. Crazy now it it opens directly.. I knew I did the right steps so I just kept trying to play directly until it works thanks to everyone for trying to help me here!!! I feel like I have the strangest issues in the whole forum.
  14. Yes I tried making launchbox read minds but it does not do that.. I did that I made the PSP core default for PSP but it does not work,, not sure if im not been clear
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