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  1. I have extremly modified the AllNightLong Theme. But since i don't know much about XAML, the substructure has remained so far, i only changed it graphically according to my wishes. Trial and Error but finally everything works fine! I guess i have to change something here, right? <!-- Wheel --> <Grid x:Name="Wheel" Panel.ZIndex="250" > <Grid.RowDefinitions> <RowDefinition Height="{Binding ElementName=Prop_Wheel_H, Path=Text}" /> </Grid.RowDefinitions> <Grid.ColumnDefinitions> <ColumnDefinition Width="{Binding ElementName=Prop_Wheel_W, Path=Text}" /> </Grid.ColumnDefinitions> <coverFlow:FlowControl x:Name="FlowControl" Grid.Row="0" Grid.Column="0" Opacity="1.0" ImageType="Boxes" CurveAmount="0" VisibleCount="5" PageSize="12" CameraZPosition="4.8" ItemZPosition="0.7" SelectedItemZPosition="1.4" Spacing="1.8" RotationAmount="0" RenderTransformOrigin=".5,.5" > <coverFlow:FlowControl.CoverFactory> <coverFlow:HorizontalWheelCoverFactory /> </coverFlow:FlowControl.CoverFactory> <coverFlow:FlowControl.RenderTransform> <TransformGroup> <RotateTransform Angle="0" /> <ScaleTransform ScaleX="1.3" ScaleY="1.3" /> <SkewTransform AngleX="0" AngleY="0" /> </TransformGroup> </coverFlow:FlowControl.RenderTransform> </coverFlow:FlowControl> <Grid.RenderTransform> <TransformGroup> <TranslateTransform X="{Binding ElementName=Prop_Wheel_X, Path=Text}" Y="{Binding ElementName=Prop_Wheel_Y, Path=Text}"/> <RotateTransform CenterX="{Binding ElementName=Prop_Wheel_CenterX, Path=Text}" CenterY="{Binding ElementName=Prop_Wheel_CenterY, Path=Text}" Angle="{Binding ElementName=Prop_Wheel_Angle, Path=Text}" /> <SkewTransform CenterX="{Binding ElementName=Prop_Wheel_X, Path=Text}" CenterY="{Binding ElementName=Prop_Wheel_Y, Path=Text}" AngleX="{Binding ElementName=Prop_Wheel_SkewAngleX, Path=Text}" AngleY="{Binding ElementName=Prop_Wheel_SkewAngleY, Path=Text}" /> </TransformGroup> </Grid.RenderTransform> </Grid> I found out, that "spacing" changes the space between the covers, but it don't separate the covers itself, it just adds a static gap. Do you understand what i mean? The Boxes, no matter which dimensions they have should have the same gap between. 🙂 Many thanks for your reply!
  2. Hey, i use a BigBox theme with different platforms like Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Wii U etc. All of these platform boxes have different sizes. Wii U boxes are tall like DVD boxes, Super Nintendo boxes are rather wide. My problem is that the "spacing" command in xaml cover flow just genereally leaves a gap, regardless of the nature of the box, instead of making the gap exactly between the boxes. It then follows that e.g. the Wii U boxes are exactly next to each other, but the Super Nintendo boxes overlap. Is it possible to leave a gap between the boxes in relation of their nature instead of just leaving a general gap? I hope you unterstand my problem, English is not my first language! 🙂 Many thanks in advance!
  3. Hey there, unfortunately i deleted the E-Mail with my license.xml. Is there any way to resend the E-Mail with the license.xml? Otherwise i cannot use my Premium Account anymore. Many thanks!
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