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  1. Yeah i kinda figure thats what the problem is. Im trying to go for a all wierless setup. Maybe a second 360 dongle and a seprate sync to each controller would work.
  2. Looking for a little help. I have 2 wireless xbox 360 controllers that im trying to use with my emulators on launchbox. I have one wireless reciver. Problem is that i set my controllers up for all emulators and it seems to work. But when i come back to them later it tries to read p2 controller as player one on some emulators. Im sure this has something to do with the single wireless dongle and it getting confused about which controller is which. Was wondering if anyone might have some insight on what to do to fix this. Thanks.
  3. Well did the update and it seems to be working now. But for some reason noe when it opens in launchbox, it has the menu bar at the top when going to full screen. Never use to do that before and can't seem to find a option to remove it on startup. If it ain't one thing it's another!
  4. Thanks for the reply. Been avoiding the creators update due to fear of something old not working. Lol. Downloading now to give this a shot.
  5. Hello, been wrestling with this problem for a while now, just hoping someone has maybe experienced this same thing. Use to have xebra running before upgrading to Windows 10. Now it's slow and choppy. Everytime I download the latest version it runs fine on first play. Then the next day when I come back to it, it's slow and choppy again. Anyone experienced this, and also I'm not interested in other emulators, already have all of them running, just hoping anyone has xebra and might have seen what I'm talking about.
  6. Are you saying if I've already made playlists in launchbox, and now changing this option in bigbox?
  7. Trying to get some playlists to show up in the main menu of bigbox. I tried making playlists in launchbox but they are not showing up on the main menu of bigbox. What I'm trying to accomplish is making a category like "Sports" "Fighting" ect. To show up along side all the systems. Hoping that I can add games from multiple platforms to one list. Not sure if this is possible but figured someone may be able to help.
  8. Been having an issue with my mame control settings being deleted after I run ccleaner. Tried excluding my mame folder from the cleaning process in hopes it would skip it and leave my control settings in tact. But that didn't seem to work. Any one here know what I should exclude in order for it to skip mame control settings?
  9. That did the trick! Thank you much!
  10. Well that doesn't seem to make a difference. I find it strange that it runs perfectly fine through retroach it's self but not when sending it to launchbox. I tried using the standalone first but I couldn't get it to launch into full screen. Hence why I switched to retroach.
  11. Just got the nintendo DS core working in retroach, works just fine until I load it from launchbox. Then when loaded through launchbox I get really bad slowdown and choppy audio. Anyone experienced this before?
  12. Well I'm pretty set on most stuff now. Only thing im having an issue with is trying to configure my controllers per core in retroarch. Somehow I managed to set my controllers for all cores to the same thing and I'm not sure how to set them up per each emulator.
  13. Just wanted to say thanks for the help. Wasn't able to get back to working on this till today. But with the help listed here was able to get it up and running. Much appreciated!
  14. Sorry me and retroarch don't seem to play well together, I've done just fine with most stand alone emulators but retroarch is killing me lol.
  15. Guess I'm not sure what you mean by "editing the current snes line" I went to the bottom of the associated platforms and manually typed in the bsnes core.
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