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  1. Oh yes of course, but the script already does this job, if you press the button less than 3 seconds the key will just do the normal funcion (in my case, pressin z, which is my left pinball button), the key will only function as alt+f4 when pressed more than 3 seconds.
  2. Please make a new post asking for this new feature, this post here is only for filename on the description.
  3. I do have Stella on my arcade, I could be wrong since I do not remember, but I use stella on my atari 2600 games and you can change stella to exit with esc (default is a key comb)
  4. The script is easier, it took a few minutes of reading and understanding how AHK works and that was it, no need to setup my 44 emulators on rocketlauncher, I just added the script at the windows initialization and now all the emulators exit no matter what, no need to even configure the emulators. What is even better, if launchbox adds the exit functionality I do not have to go back to launchbox and leave rocket launcher, i just remove the script and everything is back to normal. A lot less work.
  5. I have never experienced delay en my arcade, I didn't know that was a problem, so I think that ultimarc have good hardware.
  6. ok, finally fixed, this autohotkey script will fix everybody problems. just compile it to .exe and execute this before bigbox. z:: duration := 0 If GetKeyState("z","p") { start := A_TickCount While GetKeyState("z") Sleep, 1 duration := A_TickCount - start if (duration > 3000) Send !+{F4} else if (duration < 3000) z::z } Return You can change the Z key for any key you need, this will If you press z for less than 3 seconds just press z on the keyboard (or your arcade hardware like ipac) If you press z for more than 3 seconds it will press alt+f4 and close any emulator. Have fun.
  7. So I fixed the script, now you must press the Z key (you can change that) for 3 seconds to activate the ALT+F4, if the key Z is pressed less than that, nothing will happen. z:: duration := 0 If GetKeyState("z","p") { start := A_TickCount While GetKeyState("z") Sleep, 1 duration := A_TickCount - start if (duration > 3000) Send !+{F4} } Return This script has only one problem (not for me, but maybe someone else), the key Z cannot be used for anything else, if you press Z for less than 3 seconds literally NOTHING will happen, not even they key stroke. I'm now trying to make the Z key to be executed normally if the Z key is pressed for less than 3 seconds.
  8. yes it worked, but i was not deleting the file, i was renaming it to .old, but it seems that launchbox finds the file and renames it again to .xml, when i deleted it it worked, i already re imported my roms again filtering all the duplicates, thanks.
  9. That key is my exit key on the arcade I cannot press it by accident, but I see your point, I will investigate to see if you can add a timer to it, so you need to press it for x seconds to make it work (like maximus arcade)
  10. So I installed autohotkey and made this little script z::!F4 Return This transforms my z key in alt+f4, you save this file to .ahk, then compile it to an exe and that's it, execute this baby and you are ready to close everything there is...ofcourse, do not touch this key while in bigbox, it will close it too hahaaha. I'm adding this to my registry now so it loads with windows.
  11. My arcade has a real arcade monitor, so I use real arcade and console resolutions with no effects added for pure emulation. I'm reading about AutoHotKey now, it seems that i can make a script to change any key to alt+f4 and make an exe, this .exe can be added to windows registry to be loaded always on memory and use this key to close anything. I'm going to try that now.
  12. Yes, most of the emulators exit very easily and are set to exit with esc by default (mame for example) so those are working ok, but some of them do not exit no matter what, like amiga cd32 winuae, 4do, my nes emulator (esc opens a menu, i have a trackball so i can go to exit from there but it is ugly). I tried retroarch and it was so painful... never looked back again. is it possible to have an alt+f4 key that stays on the foreground while the emulator is still working?
  13. This is not a good option in my opinion, it is more like a band aid. Using a launcher inside another launcher... it's like using retroarch, a frankenstein that just add more complexity to something that should be very simple, I always prefer to use the real emulator with no add ons. Besides, i already have 44 systems working on bigbox, no way i'm going to configure them all again for rocketlauncher. We are building a full featured frontend here, Jason is active and reads us, it is better to ask for this things instead of relying on other programs to do the job. The more complete launchbox is the better.
  14. I hope it gets added, since I do not use retroarch because it is not a good emulator, it is always better to use the real emulator for arcades with real arcade monitors and low specs. Is it posible to add to launchbox and bigbox a ALT+F4 key? a key that you can configure, like, for example, press 3 on the keyboard and that activates ALT+F4, simple, it will make the job. I use one of the most well known hardware for arcade controllers, ipac4.
  15. I'm trying to delete my full arcade collection because I do not like the way I imported the games (too many clones), I cannot do it because launchbox hangs up when I try to select all games inside arcade and press del. Is there another way to delete all games inside arcade? I tried to delete the arcade.xml but the archive keeps creating itself again when I enter launchbox and the games are still there, it's like magic... Any ideas?
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