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  1. Thank you, most common resolution for windows on CRT monitors is 640x480 interlaced. If you use a video card with TV output sometimes it let's you use 800x600 or 1024x768, but those resolutions are a lie because the TV output in all video cards from that era will force 640x480i and scale inside those resolutions others bigger...resulting in a very horrible and difficult to read desktop, so the majority of people with CRT TV or arcade CRT will stick to 640x480 on desktop / launchbox / big box. Btw...that television is not tiny, it is a 33" crt XD it's a monster.
  2. When I'm managing my collection I use launchbox instead of bigbox, the problem is that some menus, like the options for each platform are so big that they cannot enter on the screen resolution rendering them imposible to use. Is it a way to implement scrolling bars to these menus? Launchbox should try to at least fit them inside the resolution and give scroll bars to navigate them. This is a very big problem for everyone with arcade machines using crt.
  3. Oh! nice, that should be on a sticky, it is a very nice trick to install a working version when you cannot get inside launchbox/bigbox! Thank you!
  4. OK, I think I fixed it, please someone tell me if I did right and if I should copy another thing... I downloaded the last stable version from the website. I installed it in another directory. I made a copy of my current non working launchbox directory, everything but the images and videos folders...I dont have space to back up that. I copied the new launchbox stable release over the non working launchbox directory. I started launchbox and it seems to be working...I see all roms, images and videos but all emulators are not working. I copied the data folder from my backup and overwrited the new launchbox copy. I started launchbox and everything seems to be working. I think it is fixed, i-m now in an older version, 11.15...it just asked me if i wanted to update to lastest beta, i said no. Do I need to copy anything else? Am I missing something?
  5. I cannot get inside launchbox or bigbox, the crash happens on loading screen and then it closes. All folders are there, I deleted some fan art folders that i never used to make space. I done this before...manually deleting media downloaded...i even did it a few days back when i discovered a lot of duplicated videos and deleted and re downloaded them .... everything was working just right until this crash happened...out of disk space... then boom...now i have plenity of space and launchbox doesnt want to start... i tried renaming some xml to xm_ but same issue... i do not know what to do. I was about to finish. how can i fix this if i cannot get inside launchbox?
  6. I just want to cry and die...after 4 weeks of having the Arcade turned on downloading media and all data for all the collection...it crashed at the very end when downloading media for Nintendo DS due to a out of disk space error... I just lost 4 weeks with the arcade in the middle of the room connected to the internet... kill me now. This is the error:
  7. After tinkering with this for 5 hours straight... I discovered that when you create a profile for Logitech g25, you can tell the PC wheel to emulate keyboard keys instead of joystick buttons...without using any kind of third party software...just logitech gaming software. So I did this for some buttons on the shift gear, the d-pad and the buttons above and it works! So the solution so far is creating a profile with the very old logitech gaming software and transforming all digital buttons into keyboard keys and use that for bigbox...keep the pedals and they wheel as they are since this will affect mame too and you want those analog controls. I don-t know if this solution will fix the problem for people with g27, g29, g920 etc.... Oh by they way, configure your mame to use multiple keyboards.
  8. Well @Jason Carr this is going from bad to worst.... now i tried to use a generic usb joystick (playstation 2 style) and the same issue...big box detects the joystick but when I try to map the buttons nothing happens...sometimes it detects a button and sometimes it does not...and when it does, it is not the button I pressed....
  9. Issue stilll happening on the last bigbox version.... on my logitech g25....build a cabinet to discover this issue... i'm so pissed off..
  10. I Just discovered something funny, If I press Pedal it takes it like ENTER, if I press button 1 it takes it like ESC.... neither of those buttons are configured on bigbox.... they are all in "none" So...the controller IS working on bigbox, but with some default configuration and I cannot seem to change it.
  11. I said the controller is working on mame and windows...it is just big box that even recognizing it is not accepting inputs. No need to test it there.
  12. I created an arcade machine for racing games using a core 2 duo windows 7 pc, logitech g25, and a television with rgb... everything works perfectly... GroovyMame works fine with logitech g25, big box even detects the wheel logitech g25....but when I try to map the controller to control big box the controllers menu does nothing when i press a key to detect it... what is happening? I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate with all the patches until 2021... everything is working perfectly...it's just big box that is not wanting to cooperate. I'm very frustrated...after all this work, getting a cabinet, fitting logitech g25 inside, making the rgb work with the tv set... the most simple thing is not working.
  13. Oh yes of course, but the script already does this job, if you press the button less than 3 seconds the key will just do the normal funcion (in my case, pressin z, which is my left pinball button), the key will only function as alt+f4 when pressed more than 3 seconds.
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