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  1. It downloads as a disc image but needs to be another format to play the games I think
  2. Does anyone know were I can get a working Simpsons Hit and Run rom for Nintendo Gamecube. I have one but it will not load past the first screen.
  3. I have got games working in launchbox for Taito Type X but I cannot configure my Xbox one controller with it. I have watched a video on youtube which tells me to go to typex_config in the game file but when it asks me to press buttons on my controller it keeps coming up saying not bound. Is anyone able to help me with this. I think I will need to do this because if I go into launchbox and click on the game there is no option for configuration in there either.
  4. Sorry mate my mistake then. I am new to this forum and launchbox. Understand what you mean now 🙂
  5. Please can you explain how this is a multiple thread I have posted before saying I was having issues loading mario kart on sega triforce but not about having issues with sound on the games now I have sorted tje games loading up. 🤔
  6. I cannot get Mario Kart GP to load up in Big Box or Launch Box via Sega Triforce but I can get the game to play if I go into Launchbox Emulators and click on Dolphine App in it. Anyone have any ideas what the problem is and how to resolve this.
  7. I cannot get any sounds on games through Sega Triforce. Can anyone help with this at all?
  8. I am having issues trying to get Mario Kart game to load in Techno parrot. It does not come up with an error messages. I get the black screen saying the game is trying to load but nothing happens
  9. I am having issues getting Mario Kart GP to play via Technoparrot also. I will check the error message when I get home and let you know. If I can get it working through Technoparrot I would be happy and forget the GP2 version. It says cannot find win x32 try to re extract it or something. Fzero seems to work fine anyway.
  10. Do you need to set the games up also in the emulation folder such as F Zero and Mario Kart. I have a pre configured drive and one of the only emulators that will not work so trying to fix it because I love the Mario Kart games
  11. Can anyone help me on were to download the emulator to get Sega Triforce to work.
  12. Stupid me. I have my PC linked up to my TV. I changed the resolution and MHZ to 60 and the sound is now sorted.
  13. I am having issues with American Laser games when loading the game with screen is too big so you cannot see the game properly. Can anyone help with this please.
  14. sarge1979

    Open Bor

    I am having issues with Big Bor emulation. When I load a game up the screen is very small. How do you maximise the screen to full?
  15. The problem is with retroarch mate and also seems to do the same thing with mame emulator. I have tried sonic the hedgehog which the sound stutters on with retroarch and then chose a different emulator called fusion or something like that and it works great
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