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  1. ok thank you for your help. Now i need to know how to get my license for my Big Box since i lost them forgot to back them up
  2. i just clicked the videos folder and backed up the entire folder called videos
  3. so if i am right i just create a video folder in the launchbox director and just move them in there?
  4. I just had to reformat my computer but i backed the videos i got from emuvideos on a external harddrive. Once i get everything back up and going how do i import the videos back to Big Box ?
  5. i put that to 2 and it still did it
  6. i am using retroarch but thinking of going to individual programs and getting rid of retroarch what do u suggest
  7. i just got my another monitor cause i wanted t dual monitor setup. Now i can open Launchbox on one moitor but when i try to play a game it goes to my 2nd monitor is there a way to fix this
  8. I just updated big box to the new version of 9.0 and now I am getting this error everytime I am opening big box.
  9. OK because I am using mine for a screen saver
  10. Bamafan35611

    Attract Mode

    Is attract mode made to be ran all the time or does it hurt your computer to leave it on thx.
  11. wow that is perfect thank so much
  12. ok goign to try unified redux any special settings does this theme take
  13. i hate to ask this and i know you said its a preference. Since Matallic hasnt been updated in a long time what would you think i should try?
  14. thank you so much that is what I wanted. Is there a better theme than Matallic for this setup and on default startup i have it on ALL GAMES is that recommended or should i do by platform?
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