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  1. It's a shame, it would be killer. Thanks for the answer, dude.
  2. Since getting an Occulus Rift Touch, it's tough to go back but having a version of LaunchBox for all my VR games, that would be impressive. If someone could work some mechanics in where the games could be navigated, by the hands, that would be impressive. Are there any future plans to do that, developers?
  3. That was it. Wow, never would have imagined it was in a name. I know i named the emulator "Pinball FX2" but didn't know you meant both. Thanx
  4. I'm lost then. I've tried everything i've been told and it doesn't seem to make a difference with LaunchBox. Considering that RocketLauncher works (with it's UI) it seems only logical that the settings (in LaunchBox) must have lost something in translation or the "generic" settings from RL in Launchbox might be missing something. I wanted to make LB my defacto launcher but this is the first time i've been, literally, stone-walled when installing a new emulator. Not that Pinball FX is the most "flexible" emulator in the world but, considering it works with RockLauncherUI without any errors, then gets them when running through LaunchBox, it just seems logical something on LaunchBox is set wrong. I get that the other guy said it's an even a LaunchBox error (assuming he meant is was a RL error)....but if it's stritcly an RL error, why is it only happening when lanuching through LauchBox?
  5. Yes, my ini reads the same but, inside Launchbox (And i downloaded the 7.14 version...When i choose "category/platform" there is no listing that says "Pinball FX2" only "Pinball" and it's a clean install. Is this some custom module that was made outside of the generic install?
  6. Did all that. Maybe i'm doing something wrong on the LaunchBox side. When i import roms, i usually classify "Pinball FX2" as "Pinball" in the category considering i've never seen a built-in module for Pinball FX2....Could this be causing it? Because i made all the changes (had 80% of it set up right to begin with). I just keep getting that error.
  7. Stand-Alone "Pinball Fx2.exe" The odd thing is, when i launch (With RocketLauncherUI), i don't get the error. I get it using LaunchBox's preset config fo RL. Keep in mind i'm not using the UI version (when using launchbox) but the regular RocketLauncher.exe
  8. I keep getting a no default emulator error set when i do this. I have the latest Rocket Launcher (stable) and just can't figure out the configuration i'm missing.
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