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  1. In my opinion, i disagree, it's just my opinion about that.

    I think these games are the same, just another language/region, i know these games are some kind of Rom Hacks, cause are not oficial translated, but are the same games of the official language.

    I like to have the original release of a game like you, but i think the database will be too much bigger if we add a separate entry for translated games. Platform like Wonderswan have all your games in a Japanese language, if we add a translated version of all games, we will double de database with duplicated games.

    And to finish, about the deleted images with another language. Not all moderators read the forum topics, so, someday, one moderator will try to delete this fan-translated games, and a lot of them will be deleted, just like the Commodore 64 Platform, a lot of games needs a "publisher" in your name, cause are use the same names, but, some moderators try to remove this without read the topic about that.

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  2. 11 minutes ago, kurzih said:

    Please read this thread below (it's not an old thread, you could actually have posted there before making a new thread about the same kind of topic), there's been quite a lot of discussion about this and the reasoning is good - so let's PLEASE not go back and forth on the database and rather keep to the image tags as they are mentioned and explained:


    Sorry for create a topic without read the old (not too old) one. But, now i understand why about Fanart in SNES database.

    Sorry again!

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  3. Hi guys, i see some moderation requestd to change a "Cart - Front" image to a "Fanart Cart - Front" image. Image like that Final Fantasy cart that i upload in this topic.

    I don't remember the real reason, but is somthing like "the image use template".

    Ok. This image use a template, everyone know this, but almost Cart images and Disc images use templates. I think is hard to create a transparent PNG cart image or Disc Image without a template.

    So, we must change almost Cart and Disc images in Database to Fanarts?

    I think Fanart Carts and Disc are used when the image are fake image, or when the game doesn't have a cart or disc and the image are user created.


  4. I'm agree with you guys! All changes should be reject (i only see 2 in my moderation today).

    I think the "Released" status is too much generic. The database could be had status like "Retail", "Download", "Retail/Download". This is only a suggestion!

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  5. I think, it is possible to create a button to abort my own upload suggestion.
    I recently uploaded a suggestion for a file, but, for a wrong game, i try to upload "Street Fighter Anniversary Disc" on a "Street Fighter Anthology Disc".
    It's my fault, i know, it's my mistake. But, i think, if we have it a button to abort my own uploads, we can fix this and don't boring others moderators.

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  6. Hi, guys, first of all, i want to congrats all people working on LaunchBox/BigBox, and all moderator too for the great work has been done.

    I started this topic looking for templates. I found some, but not all.
    I try to use the actual image as a template, some of them become good and i upload to the database, other not.

    So, if possible, i want templates for this, the more authentic as possible:

    - XBOX/XBOX360 disc
    - PS1 disc (with black circle)
    - PSP disc
    - 3DS cart
    - DS cart
    - GB/GBA cart
    - NeoGeo AES cart
    - PSVita cart
    - Swith Cart
    - 2D and 3D DVD Box (the colored box wii be awesome, like white box for wii, red, blue and other special box)

  7. Capcom CPS Changer

    A home version of the CP System, the Capcom Power System Changer or CPS Changer was released in late 1994 in Japan to compete against SNK's Neo Geo. Capcom released the CPS Changer as an attempt to sell their arcade games in a home-friendly format. The CPS Changer adapter was basically an encased SuperGun (Television JAMMA adapter), and was compatible with most JAMMA standard PCBs. Capcom's "protection" against people using the CPS Changer on other arcade boards was the physical shape of the device. On a normal JAMMA PCB it would not attach firmly and tended to lean at odd angles, but it would work. The CPS Changer has outputs for composite video, S-video and line-level mono audio.

    The CPS Changer featured Super Famicom controller ports, allowing the use of all Super NES controllers, including their six-button joystick, the "CPS Fighter".

    All of the CPS Changer games used the CPS arcade hardware. The CPS Changer games were simply arcade PCBs in a special plastic shell suitable for home use. This concept was later re-used in the CP System II hardware. Some CPS1 games were changed slightly for home release, sometimes including debugging features or other easter eggs.

    The CPS Changer was sold as a package deal of the console itself, one CPS Fighter joystick controller, and the Street Fighter II ′ (Dash) Turbo game for 39,800 yen. Additional games were sold for about 20,000 yen.

    The final game for the CPS Changer was a back-ported version of Street Fighter Zero. Originally released on the CP System II hardware, this special CPS Changer version, released at a premium 35,000 yen, was degraded slightly for the older hardware: it had fewer frames of animation for the game characters, fewer onscreen colors, and the sound and music effects were sampled at a lower rate.



    Capcom CPS Changer.png

  8. I think this 2 images are different, not only in size, but one of them have a box and the other don't have.

    I see this 2 images like an alternative for each other, and i think that we need to have both on our game database.

    The image with box can be cool for people like to use 2D box and the image without the box can be used for people like the other type, or can be used to repair/creted 3D box in the future.

    This is only an example that i see. There other images like a 3D Boxes in a different angle. Some images that have a high resolution, but is cropped and can be replaced with a image with a little less resolution, but, without the cropped part.


    It's just my opinion.





  9. On 11/6/2019 at 9:02 PM, Jeffe said:

    I'm tackling the Arcade platform and wanted to throw some ideas out to the community to see what everyone's thoughts are:

    1. Game titles with parentheses or brackets should be removed since the parser removes those and it makes it difficult to find in a search in LaunchBox. Does anyone know of any other ASCII characters we should avoid in game titles?
    2. I've run across several games with the same name in Arcade but they are different games (Badlands, Super Dodge Ball, etc.) I posted to change them to "Super Dodge Ball: Neo Geo" and "Badlands: Atari" because if the game title is the same name, the metadata won't differentiate in LaunchBox. This is the method I used, but I'm curious if anyone has better ideas.
    3. I'm also migrating all games from platforms that are now being used as playlists (Sega Model 1, 2, 3, Naomi, Sammy Atomisewave, etc.) and putting them all in Arcade. I'm making sure that all media is being merged so nothing gets lost. What is everyone's thoughts of removing platforms that are now playlists?
    4. Could we create a platform to move all the casino/fruit games out of Arcade since they are not arcade games?

    Please let me know what everyone thinks. Together we can make this the best videogame database on the internet!


    I just see the topic now, can i do my opinion?

    I'm agree  with all 4 changes. In particular with the 3rd and 4th.

    Playlist is too individual, so, i think games like "model 2, naomi" must be merged in "Arcade" section. And casino and fruit games must be separated, is too much games to see in Arcade Section, and i think that just a little people use them.

  10. I have a suggestion to add a new art folder on lauchbox/bigbox, is the "Inlay Art".

    Inlay Art is the art they come inside of some Jewel Case Games, some arts are beautiful.

    Look the Inside Art of the PSX Final Fantasy VIII (USA), the first image is the inlay art left and the second is the inlay art right.



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  11. Hi guys, i wanna just try to suggest an alternative 3D Boxes for some games that have an original box different form the common.

    I created this box alone, i know that not be too beautiful, but i can try to make better, i think, i not a photoshop specialist.

    I wanna hear you guys about this...

    Sem Título-1.jpg

    Link's Crossbow Training (USA).png

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