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  1. On 11/6/2019 at 9:02 PM, Jeffe said:

    I'm tackling the Arcade platform and wanted to throw some ideas out to the community to see what everyone's thoughts are:

    1. Game titles with parentheses or brackets should be removed since the parser removes those and it makes it difficult to find in a search in LaunchBox. Does anyone know of any other ASCII characters we should avoid in game titles?
    2. I've run across several games with the same name in Arcade but they are different games (Badlands, Super Dodge Ball, etc.) I posted to change them to "Super Dodge Ball: Neo Geo" and "Badlands: Atari" because if the game title is the same name, the metadata won't differentiate in LaunchBox. This is the method I used, but I'm curious if anyone has better ideas.
    3. I'm also migrating all games from platforms that are now being used as playlists (Sega Model 1, 2, 3, Naomi, Sammy Atomisewave, etc.) and putting them all in Arcade. I'm making sure that all media is being merged so nothing gets lost. What is everyone's thoughts of removing platforms that are now playlists?
    4. Could we create a platform to move all the casino/fruit games out of Arcade since they are not arcade games?

    Please let me know what everyone thinks. Together we can make this the best videogame database on the internet!


    I just see the topic now, can i do my opinion?

    I'm agree  with all 4 changes. In particular with the 3rd and 4th.

    Playlist is too individual, so, i think games like "model 2, naomi" must be merged in "Arcade" section. And casino and fruit games must be separated, is too much games to see in Arcade Section, and i think that just a little people use them.

  2. I have a suggestion to add a new art folder on lauchbox/bigbox, is the "Inlay Art".

    Inlay Art is the art they come inside of some Jewel Case Games, some arts are beautiful.

    Look the Inside Art of the PSX Final Fantasy VIII (USA), the first image is the inlay art left and the second is the inlay art right.



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  3. Hi guys, i wanna just try to suggest an alternative 3D Boxes for some games that have an original box different form the common.

    I created this box alone, i know that not be too beautiful, but i can try to make better, i think, i not a photoshop specialist.

    I wanna hear you guys about this...

    Sem Título-1.jpg

    Link's Crossbow Training (USA).png

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