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  1. I'm glad you figured it out, though I'm slightly confused by the exact order of events (just trying to make sure my tool isn't somehow responsible). Are you saying you did an initial test with the importer with only a small selection, removed the modified files, and then tried to import again with the whole thing and it failed? Then it worked again after you moved the files created by the test back? Just trying to ascertain the steps you took.
  2. Are you doing an update or is this a brand new import? If you can send me a zip of your LaunchBox data directory as it is now, even after the import failure, along with a screenshot with the importer configured with the exact settings you used. Also it will help if you can confirm the version of the tool and Flashpoint.
  3. Sort of, except you'd have to add in all the games you want which as I mentioned before are a bit of a pain to pull from FP ultimate. At that point you mind as well just going for cutting down Ultimate since it would be needed anyway.
  4. I'm happy to share detailed information with those who actually care about it haha. Yea so unfortunately as you noted there isn't an ideal setup right now. When it comes to the Infinity images, I'm basically just going to setup the importer to have an option to force download the images during the import, which I expect to not be too hard, I just need to get to it. Flashpoint Core is basically just Flashpoint Ultimate but is sometimes a few versions behind and only comes with a few games that are there to act as examples, but otherwise comes with no games/animations.
  5. Huh, odd. When you get a chance, zip up your Data folder in your LaunchBox directory, upload it somewhere and get me a link. That way I can get a sense of what may be going on.
  6. Haha, I'm a *sort-of* fan of some of the more "extraordinary" as I've always had a bit of what I can only define as an absurdity fetish (not-sexually, just in terms of interest in general) as I find the sheer fact that some of that stuff exists is hilarious. Like... someone went that hardcore making something this crude? Idk it just always made me laugh. But outside of my friends that feel the same... yea that would be awkward as hell.
  7. Ah, yea it doesn't remove those because it essentially sees them as non-Flashpoint originating playlists, since at face value it has no way of knowing if its a playlist you made or imported once it's gone from FP. I could include a list of all current and/or previous playlist names, but then there technically is still a pitfall in that if you make a playlist with the same name for a different reason it would be incorrectly removed every time you do an import since it would believe it was an obsolete Flashpoint list. An annoying issue, but as you implied its not a big deal to remove them manually once. I doubt they'll get rid of playlists/platforms that often. As for the tags, they are a bit of a mess right now due to being freshly implemented and not entirely fleshed out yet. How you use the filter is somewhat explained in the description above: Games can have any number of tags, including none (though I'm not sure there are any that are like this). The way I set up the filter in my tool is that exclusions take priority, which I felt was the most intuitive. For example, lets say a game has the tags "Sexual Content", "Action", "[Some Specific Franchise"]". If you uncheck "Sexual Content" in the filter and leave everything else selected the game will not be included. Essentially, if a single tag a game/animation has was unchecked in the filter then the game is not imported. The idea is that you may say "I don't want any games that are from the Scooby-Doo franchise" so you uncheck that under the Copyright category and expect to get no Scooby-Doo games regardless of what other tags they may have, since 99% of the time you wouldn't care. Your use case is the same, as you simply want the adult content games gone, you don't care exactly what kind of adult content they have, what series they're from, etc. You don't need to worry about unchecking things like "Milking" (lol) to make sure they're all gone. Simply uncheck "Adult" under the warning tab and that should take care of most of them. The reason I say this is that there are a number of games that still knowingly haven't been updated to use fleshed out tags yet, and a small few here and there that were gone back over but ended up being improperly tagged. So if you want to really make sure you get like 99% of them you'll also have to uncheck the "LEGACY-Extreme" tag, though this will also cull some titles that are not sexual but simply gore heavy. If you wish to remove anything even remotely dicey then you can uncheck the entire Warning category if you'd like. The tag names, categories, and tagging accuracy will most likely be much better by the next release of Flashpoint.
  8. I think I understand what you're asking for, but if so, no this tool does not make that possible, at least not directly, though let me make sure to clarify. Flashpoint is essentially two things: 1) A collection of software, configuration, a database, and software that enables a relatively straightforward way of playing "internet" games from a variety of formats on one local computer without the need to actually connect to the internet (other than downloading the content for Infinity). 2) The hoard of games themselves. I'm not 100% sure, but it sounds like you're asking if you can essentially download Flashpoint Ultimate (to avoid the pitfalls of Infinity), use this importer to import a small selection of games you want to actually use into LaunchBox, and then when it's done discard Flashpoint Ultimate entirely so that you're basically left with a subset of 2) from the above, but with none of 1). As if the games were simply running independently from LaunchBox with no need of the original LaunchBox install. Unfortunately this is basically not feasible. Despite their impressive pile of games that have been archived, the part of the collection that more so makes Flashpoint special/important is the compilation and finally tuned configuration of software that allows you to play games designed for a web browser used in a client/server setup on an independent, offline desktop. When you start Flashpoint you are running what is known as the Launcher, which is just a relatively small front end for browsing the collection, but there is also a slew of programs in the background that are continuously starting and stopping depending on your game choices that actually make playing those games possible. While it's imperfect, the system works pretty well overall considering the variety of platforms it supports and is constantly being improved by a team of people. Trying to recreate that from scratch as an individual would be insane. This tools is essentially two in one, but you can essentially think of it as a way to replace the Flashpoint frontend with LaunchBox instead, but this says nothing about the gigabytes of other software that is required to actually play any games. This tool still relies on that the same way that the official Flashpoint frontend does and therefore won't function without Flashpoint still being installed. Unfortunately the closest you can get to what you want right now is using Infinity. The "alternative" is to download Ultimate and then work backwards by deleting every game that you don't want, but obviously this is a herculean and unrealistic task. To make matters worst, the files of many titles in FP are tightly integrated with some of the backend software it uses which makes removing said games a challenge even with an automated tool. Flashpoint is starting to move over to a different system for storing games called Game Zips/Data Packs which does actually make writing a tool to remove games from ultimate more feasible, but only practical once all titles have been upgraded to the new system. Currently only a smaller portion of titles use this system. Until this new system becomes the only system I wouldn't even begin to consider making a tool that can strip down Ultimate like you required, and even then I'm not sure it would be worth it because Flashpoint makes a lot of backend changes with every major release that require me to make significant changes to my tools to keep them working and I don't know if I'm up to actively maintaining a third tool related to this project. I'd consider it if after Game Zips are fully complete the system the use to store games becomes fairly static otherwise. While I do use Ultimate myself, I've actually had pretty good luck with the more recent versions of Infinity, though I don't know how recently you've used it yourself. The only caveat with this tool is that you have to have to make sure you run a game once through the Flashpoint launcher and then perform the import into LaunchBox or there will be no images, though I'm toying with figuring out how to make this step not required. At the end of the day, you're essentially asking for a third edition of Flashpoint, "Custom Ultimate", that would prepare a packing up front with all the games you select instead of downloading them on the fly. Like I said, once the Game Zip system is the only one in Flashpoint I'll consider making a tool to more or less make this possible, but otherwise this is something that it would be way easier for the Flashpoint team to implement directly, yet I doubt they will given that most are satisfied with the current system and it would still be a huge undertaking even for them. The project has come a long way technically though in a fairly short amount of time so I'd also hold out hope that Infinity will become good enough to meet your standards in time as well.
  9. Version 0.4 is up (now with a 32-bit version if anyone still rolls that way). As always for the first release relative to a new Flashpoint version there may be some minor unforeseen issues as mentioned above. Definitely let me know if you run into any.
  10. The tool is designed so that updating is always possible as all the metadata related to starting games is always replaced with each import. Given the size of the collection I will always say there could be unforseen issues, but the idea is to be able to keep using the importer the same way with each version. The only way this would change is if Flashpoint undergoes a massive overhaul in multiple areas when it comes to the backend. I did have to make a moderate functional change to the tool for 10, but its not at the scale I'm referring to when it comes to those issues. I could see a small amount of problems on the first release of OFILb for 10 if they slip by me, but as always just let me know if they happen and I'll gladly patch it.
  11. Haha I was waiting for someone to ask. Yea it definitely is. It's pretty close. The OFILb changes are basically done, just untested. The issue is that I've run into a surprising number of issues updating CLIFp (what let's OFILb work) to be compatible with the latest Flashpoint because of changes they did to the backend. Those are also almost done but theres a few kinks I still need to work out. I'm pretty busy at the moment but I keep inching it closer here and there. Hopefully it's not too much longer.
  12. It turns out a few changes to the config files were made that required me to modify CLIFp as well, which is now done. The Ultimate updater was slow as molasses so I resorted to just torrenting the new one from scratch which is at 90%. Once Ultimate finishes extracting I just have to double check that it works correctly with the updated CLIFp and I don't expect the OFILb changes to take long, so I'd say the overall work is about half done.
  13. It shouldn't take too long, I think the only change I have to care about is the enhancement to the tag system where there are now tag categories and multiple kinds of mature tags instead of just "extreme". I plan on have you be able to select the exact tags you want to include, but for the moment I'm just going to map the new mature tags to the "extreme" checkbox so I can get a compatible version out ASAP. Right now the most limiting factor is how long its taking me to update my 9.0 ultimate install to 10.0 to test properly.
  14. Haha, I'm in their discord so I'm aware, actually working on thr changes right now. Wasn't able to do it ahead of time sadly.
  15. Glad it's of use to you. Let me know if you have any issue. A Flashpoint update should be coming somewhat soon that I will need to update this tool for. I'm going to try and have the update ready ahead of time.
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