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  1. I'm glad you figured it out, though I'm slightly confused by the exact order of events (just trying to make sure my tool isn't somehow responsible). Are you saying you did an initial test with the importer with only a small selection, removed the modified files, and then tried to import again with the whole thing and it failed? Then it worked again after you moved the files created by the test back? Just trying to ascertain the steps you took.
  2. Are you doing an update or is this a brand new import? If you can send me a zip of your LaunchBox data directory as it is now, even after the import failure, along with a screenshot with the importer configured with the exact settings you used. Also it will help if you can confirm the version of the tool and Flashpoint.
  3. Sort of, except you'd have to add in all the games you want which as I mentioned before are a bit of a pain to pull from FP ultimate. At that point you mind as well just going for cutting down Ultimate since it would be needed anyway.
  4. I'm happy to share detailed information with those who actually care about it haha. Yea so unfortunately as you noted there isn't an ideal setup right now. When it comes to the Infinity images, I'm basically just going to setup the importer to have an option to force download the images during the import, which I expect to not be too hard, I just need to get to it. Flashpoint Core is basically just Flashpoint Ultimate but is sometimes a few versions behind and only comes with a few games that are there to act as examples, but otherwise comes with no games/animations.
  5. Huh, odd. When you get a chance, zip up your Data folder in your LaunchBox directory, upload it somewhere and get me a link. That way I can get a sense of what may be going on.
  6. Haha, I'm a *sort-of* fan of some of the more "extraordinary" as I've always had a bit of what I can only define as an absurdity fetish (not-sexually, just in terms of interest in general) as I find the sheer fact that some of that stuff exists is hilarious. Like... someone went that hardcore making something this crude? Idk it just always made me laugh. But outside of my friends that feel the same... yea that would be awkward as hell.
  7. Ah, yea it doesn't remove those because it essentially sees them as non-Flashpoint originating playlists, since at face value it has no way of knowing if its a playlist you made or imported once it's gone from FP. I could include a list of all current and/or previous playlist names, but then there technically is still a pitfall in that if you make a playlist with the same name for a different reason it would be incorrectly removed every time you do an import since it would believe it was an obsolete Flashpoint list. An annoying issue, but as you implied its not a big deal to remove them manual
  8. I think I understand what you're asking for, but if so, no this tool does not make that possible, at least not directly, though let me make sure to clarify. Flashpoint is essentially two things: 1) A collection of software, configuration, a database, and software that enables a relatively straightforward way of playing "internet" games from a variety of formats on one local computer without the need to actually connect to the internet (other than downloading the content for Infinity). 2) The hoard of games themselves. I'm not 100% sure, but it sounds like you're asking if y
  9. Version 0.4 is up (now with a 32-bit version if anyone still rolls that way). As always for the first release relative to a new Flashpoint version there may be some minor unforeseen issues as mentioned above. Definitely let me know if you run into any.
  10. The tool is designed so that updating is always possible as all the metadata related to starting games is always replaced with each import. Given the size of the collection I will always say there could be unforseen issues, but the idea is to be able to keep using the importer the same way with each version. The only way this would change is if Flashpoint undergoes a massive overhaul in multiple areas when it comes to the backend. I did have to make a moderate functional change to the tool for 10, but its not at the scale I'm referring to when it comes to those issues. I could see a
  11. Haha I was waiting for someone to ask. Yea it definitely is. It's pretty close. The OFILb changes are basically done, just untested. The issue is that I've run into a surprising number of issues updating CLIFp (what let's OFILb work) to be compatible with the latest Flashpoint because of changes they did to the backend. Those are also almost done but theres a few kinks I still need to work out. I'm pretty busy at the moment but I keep inching it closer here and there. Hopefully it's not too much longer.
  12. It turns out a few changes to the config files were made that required me to modify CLIFp as well, which is now done. The Ultimate updater was slow as molasses so I resorted to just torrenting the new one from scratch which is at 90%. Once Ultimate finishes extracting I just have to double check that it works correctly with the updated CLIFp and I don't expect the OFILb changes to take long, so I'd say the overall work is about half done.
  13. It shouldn't take too long, I think the only change I have to care about is the enhancement to the tag system where there are now tag categories and multiple kinds of mature tags instead of just "extreme". I plan on have you be able to select the exact tags you want to include, but for the moment I'm just going to map the new mature tags to the "extreme" checkbox so I can get a compatible version out ASAP. Right now the most limiting factor is how long its taking me to update my 9.0 ultimate install to 10.0 to test properly.
  14. Haha, I'm in their discord so I'm aware, actually working on thr changes right now. Wasn't able to do it ahead of time sadly.
  15. Glad it's of use to you. Let me know if you have any issue. A Flashpoint update should be coming somewhat soon that I will need to update this tool for. I'm going to try and have the update ready ahead of time.
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