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  1. Glad it's of use to you. Let me know if you have any issue. A Flashpoint update should be coming somewhat soon that I will need to update this tool for. I'm going to try and have the update ready ahead of time.
  2. Turns out it was actually a pretty simple oversight in that in the system I used to translate between the Flashpoint and LaunchBox platform/playlists names (which is a thing since LaunchBox uses files for these and some of the Flashpoint originals have characters that aren't allowed in file names) I forgot to account for the conversion in one place. should work for ya.
  3. OK so I definitely found something strange going on where edited XML files are (sometimes?) not cleared correctly or the XML writer is behaving oddly that I will delve into, unfortunately it may be a bit more complicated than I thought as I fear that this may be a Qt bug and therefore out of my hands, other than updating and hoping it was fixed. That gets even more complicated as I've been unable to build the latest version of Qt because of other issues :/. I'd even try to fix it myself but its impossible to create and submit a patch without first being able to compile the dev branch completel
  4. Ok thanks, something is obviously amiss, and that message suggests that the folder is accidentally hard-coded somewhere. I also incorrectly remembered the error messages having been from OFILb and not LaunchBox itself the last time you brought this up. Interesting that LB even tries to read a file from that folder that doesn't belong. I figured all the names were fixed and it only read the ones it made itself, but I guess the names are there for Jason's convenience, but at the end of the day it tries to parse all XMLs in that folder based on their element names alone. What really has me c
  5. Hmmm, that is odd; though, I wondering if there is some kind of coincidence going on with you changing your playlist settings or something between this time and the last and a bug there, rather than anything to do with the Include Extreme option. Escaper's Encyclopedia is a playlist so you were close, it should be "LaunchBox\Data\Playlists\Escaper_s_Encyclopedia.xml", the path is definitely wrong. Additionally, I'm surprised its complaining about corruption, suggesting that there is actually something there to read, rather than claiming the file is missing as would make sense if it was looking
  6. So while working on a way to easily filter between the animations and games it just occurred to me that I accidentally lied to you due to confusing myself with something I was working on with CLIFp at the same time. Currently, because LaunchBox is primarily geared as a games frontend, my important actually only imports games from Flashpoint and not animations. I feel like this approach makes sense given its purpose; however, I'm not here to enforce my practices on you and there is nothing wrong with options, so I can reasonably add a toggle for including animations in the import. The p
  7. Ah yes, in terms of actually notifying it what you are trying to scrape that is the necessary step. Sorry that skipped my mind. You can actually do what you want with the image substitutions when the primary source is unavailable: Go to Tools->Options->Media->Box Front Priorities. Once there if you scroll down and check off "Screenshot - Game Title" and then make sure it is moved to a high enough priority to beat out the other checked options (which for Flashpoint there are only the two images so you just have to make sure its under "Box - Front") then it will be used when t
  8. Alright let me know what happens. Interestingly I've been unable to recreate the issue by importing the Flash platform fully and then re-doing the import with "Include Adult" option unchecked. It does remove them and I'm still able to start LaunchBox with non-corrupt entries. It is possible that I inadvertently fixed the issue between the last release and my current build but that would be quite surprising. The games are separated by platform since that is how they are handled in Flashpoint. I can in theory offer more options to customize how the games are imported and plan to do that
  9. It sounds like a problem I should be able to reproduce myself since its fairly straightforward, but just in case it would be cool if you could try to do so yourself since you can be sure its the same issue caused the same way since you experienced the finer details firsthand. Screenshot is still useful obviously.
  10. Crap, sorry about that. You'll need to remove the xmls for now obviously to start LaunchBox, and you should be able to rename the backups (.obk) to the original names to get the working copies back (though obviously they'll have the adult games). To figure out what's going on it would be helpful if I could get a few things: A screen shot of OFILb exactly how you had it setup for your last import (when you were trying to remove the adult games) before the issue occurred and a link to a zip file of the XMLs that LaunchBox says are corrupted. Finally, while it's ultimately not needed if
  11. Like I said I'll keep it in mind, but yea manually managing it works fine with OFLIb. I originally added that icon to the 18+ option to make it stand out more for what it was, but it does seem to have caused some confusion as to how it works. It being blue means its enabled/they're included. I think next release I'm going to remove the icon so that the checkmark shows.
  12. I have mixed feelings with this. In LaunchBox after the import its fairly straight forward move the newly imported platforms under whatever category you want yourself (and they'll stay there even after importing again), making this a relatively minor improvement for a fair amount of work since I would then need to start parsing the XML files in the root Data folder like "Parents.xml", so it isn't something I'm dying to do. That being said it is still ultimately an improvement and would offload work from the user, even if only a little. I'll keep it in mind and considering doing
  13. Yes it does import them, under the same platform the games are under, "Flash". I'll look into seeing if there's a spot to fit the metadata in LaunchBox for if the item is a game or animation (this info is present in Flashpoint obviously) to make it easy to filter them. If not I guess I can add an option to make a different platform.
  14. Yes, it is supposed to work this way. You can even start a game you haven't played yet through LaunchBox and it will download it all the same. The only caveat is that the images for the games can only be downloaded through Flashpoint so if you haven't at least seen the game once in FP yet it still be playable but it will be missing its images. You would have to rerun the importer after the image is added in Flashpoint for it to appear in LB. If you want only a subset of game's to be imported, like only those you've played so far, you could try to create a Playlist of those games and then
  15. Hey sorry missed this somehow. The issue you described was due to an oversight and has now been fixed in 0.1.3 which will work with 9.0 Ultimate and Infinity. I may at some point add a feature that does what you mentioned, though it wouldn't be the most useful thing as most playlists only have 5-20 games. I'm actually haven't tested to see if you add your own playlist in Flashpoint if it shows up as an import option in my tool, because I only read the playlists from the SQL database, yet there is a folder with playlists in JSON format that I always assumed was just a leftover from pr
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