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  1. Interesting. Makes me worried that Jason already did flip the switch and that the implementation is somewhat broken on Microsoft's end depending on the particular libraries/options used when the app is built; even if it isn't that exactly, something dumb that would be a pain to isolate :/. Feel free to vote for the issue here: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/5097/feature-request-longpath-support
  2. Works perfectly, though just as a side comment: I can understand that in some instances it is helpful to have separate instances of an emulator if major setup changes are present, but for something this simple it is a bit silly. This easily could be avoided if there was an option to toggle these check boxes per "Associated Platform" within each emulator, or a second standard variable named something like %romname% that can be used in place of %romfile% so that only the name can be used on a per-platform basis.
  3. So I imported a separated set of the Neo Geo roms, filtered so that only the games that received a home release are present so that I could import them as the "SNK Neo Geo AES" platform to have an easy go to way to play the games in AES mode. I set up the platform to use the FB Neo core and in the options set the Neo Geo mode to "Use AES bios". This in itself seems to work correctly (not prompted for coins and in some games a mode selection becomes available) and the setting sticks platform wide so I don't need to change it per game; however, this has the side effect of having made it so that all games are in Japanese and I can't seem to find a way to set the games to run in English. The AES definitely had a US release so there should be a way... Perhaps I need to use the UNIBIOS but I know getting those settings to save at all, let alone across the entire platform (not per game), can be tricky. Has anyone got Neo Geo in AES mode with English working?
  4. "Same", except that a lot (most of what i've tried so far) of games don't boot, window never even appears. It might just be that is the state of comparability at the moment but I got the impression from posts here and there that it was a lot higher in terms of the games even starting. It seemed like some modifications to each game may need to be made or I might need a different set. I started with No-Intro for that as well for now.
  5. Since the "system" is basically just a cartridge adapter and doesn't add any hardware it is not segmented as a separate platform in the Launchbox database. Name it whatever you want (I just set it as "Bandai Sufami Turbo") and set it scrape as "Nintendo Entertainment System" as the Sufami Turbo games in the LB database are cataloged there. Also having no luck so far getting Sufami Turbo to work with Snes9x in RA. Have the BIOS but just get a black screen, does seem to have something to do with how the ROMs are loaded. I'm using the No-Intro set, might try to find one that is structured differently. Satellaview has been a nightmare as well...
  6. +1 to a dark version where its exactly the same but the white portions are a dark grey like in Chrome's or Discord's dark themes. Shouldn't be terribly hard to change the color codes Otherwise looks fantastic. Looking forward to using this when my system is up and running.
  7. Yes this is a grave dig, but i just ran into an issue due to LB not having long paths support: Any folder that has but a single file with a path over the original limit (260 char) is ignored when trying to import files. I have quite long path names because of the massive amount of ROMs I have and I like them to be quite organized. For the time being I have gotten around this issue with copious use of junctions/symbolic links, but it would be quite nice if I could avoid all of that in the future. This was in 10.8 beta 2. Since the OS handles the path name resolution, it should only require a slight change in the source for LB, possibly just the manifest like the OP said to enable the app to make use of long path names for users of Windows 10 who have that enabled.
  8. So I overall like the new default theme (just updated to 10.8 beta to get out of the video download bug in 10.7), but have one minorish complaint: Can we get an option to center the boxes vertically on each row if there are different size boxes? For example I prefer using the "Front Box Cover" view but have LB to fallback to screenshots and some other entries if there is none. I would prefer this to look roughly like the following:
  9. I know it will, including a bazillion majong games and the like, but I want it to be just like if I was using MAMEUI where all titles are included. Some of the really obscure cabinets are fun to check out now and then. I may just end up combining the games then since they are similar enough and have the bootlegs listed as a version. Perhaps at some point I'll reconsider importing 100% of everything.
  10. It seems that for Mortal Kombat 3 at least I was slightly wrong and all of the meta data used in the same between all 3 games except for the bootlegs noting that their Publisher is "bootleg". I deleted just the idea (red X) on the 3 bootleg games, selected them and then did Tools->Download Metadata & Media and selected the replace existing option. Atm it keeps getting stuck on downloading a Big Box Cinematic Video Theme :/, but even so after right clicking on the Mortal Kombat 1 bootleg handheld game it seems that it just reassigned the same ID to the game (the video it is stuck on is for that one so I can't comment on the 2 bootlegs for MK III, though I suspect it will just do the same). I just used "Import->MAME Arcade Full Set", then: Platform: Arcade Pointed to ROMs dir Used MAME Search LaunchBox & Wikipedia Various media checkboxes for both Launchbox images and EmuMovies images/videos Import clones as additional apps Unchecked all "Skip" options Left all playlist options checked. Finish
  11. Hi, New to the platform, things have mostly be going well other than a some roadblocks here and there. This is my current issue that I'm not sure at all how to deal with at the moment (other than really shitty solutions): I just finished importing my MAME set (full 0.213) and there seems to be a bit of confusion between several different, but related games. These games are NOT variations of each other though and are indeed full separate titles. The strange thing is that Launchbox seemed to recognize they were different enough to not combine them as it does version variants but not well enough to use a different database ID (if there even are ones for the lesser games) and different artwork. I suspect I have this issue with more than just these two but these are the ones I have noticed first: Mortal Kombat (mk.zip | Original Arcade version and its variants) Mortal Kombat (tmkombat.zip | Handheld Tiger Electronics game) and Mortal Kombat 3 (mk3.zip | Original Arcade version and its variants) Mortal Kombat 3 (mk3mdb.zip | Some kind of bootleg) Mortal Kombat 3 (mk3snes.zip | SNES bootleg) Again, while they are bootlegs, they are original bootlegs made from the ground up as separate games and are not actually variants (clones is probably the right word here) of the originals, So like I said, they appear as separate entries within Launchbox and the details of each are completely different and correct (i.e. release date, publisher, source, developer, etc.); however, the games are all listed under the same LaunchBox DB ID, #7193 for MK and #17094 for MK3 and use the same exact artwork set (all images). This makes it so that from the primary view in LaunchBox (and I'm sure BigBox) they look exactly the same since they have the same title and artwork and that I have to look at the details on the right to make sure I'm starting the one I actually want. I don't mind that they have the same titles since they do actually share the same titles and I primarily just want to correct the artwork since it is obviously inaccurate (the covers and screenshots for the original arcade versions are not going to be the same as the bootleg); i.e., right now if you look under screenshots for the bootlegs it shows images from the regular arcade version even though the bootlegs are completely different. I don't really care about the bootlegs (though I don't want to remove them for completeness of my set) and just want the artwork to be changed to the correct artwork if there is an entry for these other games (or removed if not) so I can easily distinguish them from the normal ones when browsing the list. You can see what I mean in my attachment. I know I can remove the artwork manually but I was hoping somewhat had a known strategy to deal with this since trying to find if there is an entry for the other ones in the database through browser is difficult since their names are exactly the same and there are tons of games with "Mortal Kombat" in their names. Also it seems you can only change the ID manually in XML? Thanks.
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