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  1. Really having to spell this out... lol. If you are using Ultimate 12 and have this issue, you will have an extra level of the "Images" folder that isn't supposed to be there, as shown in SiriusVI's screenshots above. So you'll see "<FLASHPOINT_DIR>\Data\Images\Images" where both the inner and outer have "Logos" and "Screenshots" directories. To fix this you need to make it so there is only one images sub-folder, with the contents of the inner one being merged to the outer one.
  2. Its just a matter of moving the folder how you would move any other. Whether via a cut and paste or two separate windows, just move the inner folder next to the outer Images folder and accept the merge.
  3. You just need to move the nested image folder next to the top level image folder so that they get merged together. That is, collapse Data/Images/Images into Data/Images.
  4. It's definitely cause I was in a hurry but I can't believe I missed that. My copy of Ultimate has the same issue: all of the picture's aren't actually missing, they're just under that nested folder and what I was seeing at the surface level was what the launcher was downloading on the fly. Dude they really messed that release up XD. Let me know if it works for you after collapsing the inner one down into the outer one.
  5. So there are 6 titles in Flashpoint with IDs that start with 'c3e8' Which means if you truly had all of the images as Ultimate should, you should see 5 other pictures in that folder. I think it's possible you're missing a lot of images and they're being downloaded in Flashpoint on the fly, which is why it's been so hit and miss. If you right click on the FP\Data\Images\Logos folder and hit Properties, and then let that populate for a (potentially long) while, how many files and how much space does it say there is?
  6. Yea, in theory since it's ultimate, all of the images should be there and none should download... but with what happened with that build... maybe who knows? You could try a test like this: 1) Do a fresh import of some really random thing that you know there's no way you imported before, nor have seen within the FP launcher (so no chance for image download). Probably some obscure platform. This part is the most important. 2) Go into LaunchBox and go to one of the games that was imported and of course has no pictures. 3) Right click on the game and go to Edit Metadata 4) Go down to the launching tab on the left so that you can see the UUID of the game within the command-line parameters. For example: 37e5c215-9c39-4a3d-9912-b4343a17027e 5) Determine the FP path the logo for that game should be under. The format is as follows: P.S. why the fuck does this site not handle text coloring correctly in code blocks in dark mode? So with my example UUID from earlier, and if I pretend my FP directory is at C:\Users\Player\Flashpoint, the path for that game's logo would be 6) Without starting Flashpoint's launcher, see if that logo actually exists at path as noted. It's possible you also discover like I did that you just don't have many images within flashpoint period and it is downloading them for whatever reason (which I could see happening if you copied over some stuff from Infinity to get the Ultimate build working). EDIT: So just checking my copy of Ultimate (that I believe I got via the update tool), the following values are set within preferences.json and I did not copy in my preferences file from an Infinity install: So unless that's always been the case and the Ultimate build of the launcher normally just ignores these settings, this would cause the launcher to download images even though it's Ultimate and isn't supposed to (unless it's always been that way and technically isn't ignored, but has never mattered because if all the images are there in the first place, none would ever get downloaded. It would just mean needless checks for the images happen anyway, but I digress...). Point being, your launcher is likely downloading the images, so it would be good to check if they're even all there in the first place by checking as I suggested above. If you're missing most of them like I am it should be real obvious. There should be thousands of those folders with 2 character alphanumeric names in the Data/Images/Logos folder if Ultimate was assembled correctly...
  7. I initially was worried about having categories just named "Platforms" and "Playlists" due to potential collisions, but I forgot that LB supported the concept of "Nested Names", so you can give them a longer unique name while still having them just display as those simpler names when nested under another category. As such, I went ahead and implemented that as described since it was fairly trivial to do so. The tool attempts to remove the old nesting of platforms/playlists if it finds any, but of course it will only touch the ones affected by a given import so you may have to uncheck some in the Parents dialog manually. Still hesitant to do another release at the moment though with your current image issue. At least on my end with Infinity 12.1 it works fine for me with both Symlink and Copy, and I was sure to remove all traces of images from previous imports before hand. You could try the latest dev build if you want, just in case I somehow introduced a bug at some point before the previous release, but I haven't touched the sections related to image handling for a while now so it's doubtful. https://github.com/oblivioncth/FIL/suites/18147853435/artifacts/1046613918
  8. Hmm. I'll see if I can think of anything but currently I'm a little stumped. If the images are there and the copy failed, then you should certainly see an error. So the fact that doesn't happen means that for whatever reason the importer doesn't think the images are available. I did just remember that I actually had downloaded a copy of ultimate (can't remember if via torrent or updater application) onto an external drive enough though I never did anything with it. I checked it's images folders just to make sure they didn't change the layout with Ultimate for some reason, and although they didn't, for whatever reason the images folder is super barren, with almost no images at all. Maybe the same thing happened to you? Maybe it's a dumb question since presumably you would have checked this, but who knows, can you see the images when using the stock launcher (i.e. making sure they exist on the source end as well)?
  9. Well I still don't have a copy of Ultimate so I guess you got lucky XD. I fixed the favorites groping, just haven't pushed it yet. If you refresh the images in LB do they then load? Seems like it might not auto refresh them at start like it used to, or maybe it takes a bit longer. I had manually trigger a refresh for most (all?) of them after an import. Or did you check and actually see for sure that the images are not being place into your LB setup? I probably wouldn't want to make this the default since that would go against the approach LB uses, but I'll keep it in mind as an option, though adding that would take some work. Alternatively I may consider nesting platform categories so that under Flashpoint is "Platforms" and "Playlists" which then expand to the appropriate content.
  10. They always have to break something random for no reason when the updates are pushed... Try the latest version I just uploaded.
  11. You should be good to just swap to Ultaimte when the time comes, but if you would really not mess with it too much, you could try to copy the Images and Games folders from Ultimate into Infinity which then would make them more or less equivalent. The legacy games would be a little more complicated to copy over but those can also still be downloaded on the fly when you try to play them so it wouldn't be a huge deal.
  12. It's further complicated by the fact that there's no hard and fast rules, but rather just "best practice" which of course people argue over. It's also become more common over time to leave out the zero when showing release numbers in more "user facing" contexts since it looks cleaner. Even though the FP12 release on the website is specifically 12.0, they started leaving out the zero so they only list it as 12, which can then be confusing since it contradicts what I said earlier. The "stricter" use of version numbers does include keeping the 0 when it matters though as I explained with the Qt example. Yea, this kind of stuff can be really intimidating at first, and dealing with the tooling is it's own nightmare, but it definitely gets easier as you go. Starting with example projects that are already fully working can be a good way to get a better sense of what really matters and what doesn't for a particular goal (e.g. loading in an external library) as it's definitely easy to get lost in the myriad of facilities and to know what exactly is relevant for a given task. Anyway, I uploaded an update to FIL. As I said before, try it out with a fresh copy of FP12 Infinity and then let me know if you run into issues with games working again, or just how to use FIL in general.
  13. To clarify, the releases of GitHub, labeled like so: First lists the version of FIL itself, and then in the parenthesis shows the matching version of Flashpoint that particular release was designed to work with. It shows "12.0" to specifically highlight that it's meant to work with the initial revision of Flashpoint 12, as sometimes if you just show the major version (12) without the ".0" it can be interpreted to mean the whole release range of 12 in its entirety, and not just 12.0. For example, Qt, a library I use extensively in the development of these tools is often mentioned in accordance with its major version. I.e. Qt 3, Qt 4, Qt 5 or Qt 6; however, there are many minor versions of Qt within these, so even though there is a Qt 6.0, simply writing "Qt 6" generally refers to any minor release of Qt 6 (so it could be 6.4.2 or 6.5.1, etc.). So here, I use 12.0 to distinguish that I am specifically referring to 12.0 and not any release of Flashpoint 12. Trailing zeros are generally to be avoided for the 3rd and 4th places, often referred to as "build" and "revision" respectively (though there are other names). So you wouldn't want to do or 5.0.0, but 5.0 is fine since it helps to disambiguate the above situation, as explained.
  14. Ah... interesting you went as far as checking the launcher executable's file version. While that in itself is perfectly reasonable, that version number doesn't always match the entire releases version number, which in this case is still just 12. That's what the target version is aiming for. If they actually update the whole release to something like "12.1" it will say so on the website and should also say that in the title bar of the launcher once it's running. So for now all is well in that department. As for the other stuff, here's what I'd do: I'm going to push an update for FIL as soon as I can, perhaps even tomorrow. Once I do, download it and then get yourself a fresh, unaltered copy of Infinity to avoid any potential issues that could arise from specific config settings. Run it once with the standard launcher and update it using the button in the upper left corner (it may prompt you to restart during this). Then, once it's updated try using the new/latest version of FIL with it and then let me know if you continue to have issues with certain games. I'll be sure to inform you when I post the update.
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