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  1. Sorry I haven't responded in awhile, I honestly forgot about this post. But yes! I feel like you understand me now. I didn't really plan to use Launchbox as an emulator or use the big box frontend on my TV or anything - I essentially just wanted a database for all my games that I could add and edit custom metadata to... I do it for all my music, too, and Foobar is the perfect tool for that, I'm just a metadata and list nerd: . List View looked so much like a spreadsheet that I, admittedly a bit hastily, assumed I'd be able to do those kinds of things and excitedly shelled out the money. @Jason Carr No I don't think I'll need a refund. Buuuutt maybe you could think about adding making the columns customizable (choosing which are displayed and which order they're displayed in, and the ability to save those settings or just have them not revert back automatically), and adding in-line editing? These two additions alone would make List View MUCH more useful. I've been searching for a frontend/launcher/database type program that can do something like this for a LONG time, and I can't be the only one, right? Thanks for all the responses guys
  2. So I just shelled out the $20 for this because of list view. The idea of what looked basically like an excel spreadsheet full of game metadata that could also work as a launcher for whatever games I had on my PC was exactly what I was looking for. However, I don't seem to actually be able to edit any metadata in this view, I can't change the position of the columns (they just snap right back whenever I leave list view for some reason), and I can't choose which columns are displayed (half of them contain metadata I don't really care about that just clutters up the screen). As far as I can tell nothing about list view is editable, when that seems like the exact thing this view would exist for... even right-clicking the columns just brings up a context menu for whatever game is highlighted. Am I missing something here? Is there some kind of planned functionality for this? I was willing to pay $20 just for that.
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