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  1. Sorry I haven't responded in awhile, I honestly forgot about this post. But yes! I feel like you understand me now. I didn't really plan to use Launchbox as an emulator or use the big box frontend on my TV or anything - I essentially just wanted a database for all my games that I could add and edit custom metadata to... I do it for all my music, too, and Foobar is the perfect tool for that, I'm just a metadata and list nerd: . List View looked so much like a spreadsheet that I, admittedly a bit hastily, assumed I'd be able to do those kinds of things and excitedly shelled out the money. @
  2. So I just shelled out the $20 for this because of list view. The idea of what looked basically like an excel spreadsheet full of game metadata that could also work as a launcher for whatever games I had on my PC was exactly what I was looking for. However, I don't seem to actually be able to edit any metadata in this view, I can't change the position of the columns (they just snap right back whenever I leave list view for some reason), and I can't choose which columns are displayed (half of them contain metadata I don't really care about that just clutters up the screen). As far as I can tell
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