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  1. So whenever I try to scroll down my list of games it would forcefully shoot me back up to the top. I didn't have this issue before. i tried restarting both the application and PC.
  2. Okay i downloaded the desktop version and will let you know whats up tomorrow after class.
  3. I'm running windows 10 and using the windows app store version of Kodi. I ran the script (v1.4) then tried to run BigBox through Kodi and just fails to load BigBox. Also, I don't see a path to my Kodi in my (C:) drive. Could this be the problem?
  4. Thanks a lot Brad!!! I've been working on my LB for 2 weeks now and one of my final issues was getting my VBA-M to work. i can't believe I didn't think about using the Custom AHK script. I just changed my Fullscreen to ALT+ENTER and my exit as ESCAPE and everything worked out perfectly.
  5. So I did a little googling, but still can't find a solution to my problem. If I fullscreen then exit via ALT+4 or Task Manager it works and I am back to Big Box, BUT this is where my issue lays. When I start ANOTHER game and exit with controller automation it returns back to the windowed mode.
  6. Sounds great and brings back a lof of memories. Exactly what was needed for my BigBox.
  7. I have a premium membership with both launchbox and emumovies. Every time I try to download the media files through launchbox I always get a crap ton of errors randomly. Is this a problem with launchbox or emumovies?
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