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  1. Is there any way currently to lauch a particular game NOT from the gui? I run home automation software, 'smart' stuff etc, and I would really love a way to, for example, have a particular game lauch when I get up on a weekend day, or when i get home from work on a weekday. a rest api is the usual method for this, but i could see how a plugin might also work here. have I missed something already available in LB/BB?
  2. just to put this thread to bed, I've had bigbox running now for around 24hrs with VLC backend and default theme. No memory leaks, no problems. as of this date, 10.x and the 'Refaktor' theme are not stable together!
  3. i've studied the theme manager are of bigbox, I have Refaktor in the 'installed' list, and not in the 'available' list, so yes it is highly likely i installed it from the forum and forgot! sorry Jason my bad :-s
  4. oh dear. it's just gone down on me again, with VLC and Default Theme. I'll do some checking of the system and pull some logs together. Cheers Jason
  5. understood. Is the reason Refaktor is available to me in themes manager because i'm accepting beta updates of the software then?
  6. nice one @Jason Carr , top quality info! BigBox has just gone down as I write - a lot quicker than usual, no doubt thanks to WMP! I'll switch to VLC and default theme, and see how we go. Can you advise on any 10.0 fully compatible themes? I don't see anywhere in the theme manager relating to compatibility (other than the updates section, but that isn't quite the same...). I've become spoiled, and used to using BigBox daily with the fantastic community themes! ps thanks so much for the continuing work you put into LB - i'm a <5.x user, and love how the app has stayed relevant and grown whilst keeping the community engaged and heard. with the feature polls etc. Closed source at its best :-)
  7. Hehe I'm using a combination of skins - Refaktor as the main menu, mostly retrotastic for platforms, with unified on a couple of platforms. I've been with this skin combo throughout the 10.x beta program without issues, but am happy to test with default if you think the the themeing may be responsible. As i was already on VLC, i've switched back to WMP to see if there's any difference - i'll keep an eye on the memory usage...
  8. thanks @Jason Carr for the response - I will check which video system i'm running - hopefully it'll be the issue you're already aware of. i'm running W7 as my OS though; the problem may not be limited to W10 as you suspect! Edit - i'm already running VLC as the video backend 😞 is there anywhere else in Launchbox that VLC/WMP can be switched out which i may have missed?
  9. upgraded to 10.0 yesterday (shortly followed by 10.1) and I get a massive memory leak after about half an hour running BigBox, filling up my physical ram, causing system unresponsiveness. i have to kill BigBox to get back to normal. All was well even with beta versions up to this release... 1. Is this a known bug? 2. is there a clear/simple method to downgrade to an earlier version, maintaining all settings etc?
  10. Brilliant. Thankyou :-) Yes Yes. If you build it, they will come...
  11. thanks @Jason Carr for giving this thought. I can't tell you how safisying/impressive it is to know that the developer cares about the users and community to actually be active in the community! i agree that the lack of images/banners etc may make the initial layouts of these views quite sparse. i've been making images for some niche platforms/playlists (super scope/menacer titles for example thanks to a recent purchase of aimtrak guns) and had committed to the idea of doing more of these banners for developer and genre. maybe other community members would help in filling the void. i accept that would likely be a slow process. another thought however - how simple would it be to have the 'value' field in playlists and filter autocomplete, or have a drop down menu of all the options? currently i have to back out of the playlist maker to check the syntax of genre/play mode values, before entering them. it's pretty tedious, and as you say anyway making playlists for every value would be impractical. however, with autofilled entries/drop down menu in the filter field for 'value', i could dynamically choose what to filter very simply indeed - with no extra theming, playlist making or icon making at all! the live filter view seems to be a very powerful tool indeed after spending more time with it since posting this - but not knowing whether a game is genre'd 'sport' or 'sports' or 'sport game' makes the value entry process very hit and miss. a drop down menu there would be amazing the more i think about it! thanks for making a great front end!
  12. thanks @Jason Carr for pointing me to playlists. i've had a play for a while and wonder if i'm missing something though... take genre as an example. the main menu 'show genres' presents a list of the individual genres, of which there may be multiple similar - driving, driving sim, racer etc - and let's say a total of 50 genres. would i have to create a playlist for every genre to get it listed in the main platform list? would i have to do the same with developer/publisher?
  13. discussed here: and a little here: Is it possible to theme the alternate views present in the main menu? Genres, Play Mode, Developers, Publishers, etc? Only the default text-list view is available. I've looked through a few themes' folders and there are never any xaml files for these views. I've been setting up a 4 player cab running BigBox in a busy-ish area in the house, and it's getting some action :-) For would-be players not familiar with the esoteric platform names though, they often stick to the big name systems. I've found that going in via play mode and picking (for example) two player simultaneous, or going in via the genre list and picking, say, a racer or fighter brings up a list of titles not limited to particular platforms :-) It seems good to be more game-focussed plus it's cool to have access to all the ports of a game next to eachother. PSX/DC/N64 Tony Hawks Shootout anyone?! Anyway, Delving in to the library via these 'other' menu lists have given me access to, and i've ended up playing, titles i may never have got around to using the platform view. But the platform view looks beautiful. @CriticalCid your Unified Theme is smoooooth. It feels a shame that when such deep access to the library is only accessible via the practical yet uninspiring text-list layout, so many themers great work is sat there ready to rock! @Jason CarrDo these menus work differently in a way that prevent them having alternate view layouts?
  14. i may have missed the feature so thought it best to ask. is there a way, whilst scrolling through a platform list or playlist, to simply favourite a title, without having to go into game details, up/down to favourite, select, then back out to the list
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