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  1. I did a bit of a 180 and disabled all controllers in BB. The only commands it responds to are that from the keyboard. Even the mouse and trackball are disabled when in BB. Volume is working now.
  2. Using LB 7.4. I just tested the volume control in each system that I have running and in game volume works fine. It's only in BB that I have the issue.
  3. I've mapped 2 buttons on my control panel using winIPAC to VOL up and down. Works perfect in windows explorer. I've also mapped the buttons to VOL up and down in BigBox. When I hit either volume button BigBox freezes and continues to apply whichever volume button I hit for 30 seconds, then it proceeds to raise and lower the volume while not allowing me to do anything other than ctrl+alt+del. Everything else works great, but the volume control in BigBox is the last piece of the puzzle before actually start to build the arcade cab.
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