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  1. It looks like a gpu issue. I'll just switch resolutions before I play a game It is not that big of a deal it only takes a second.
  2. I just bought my first 4k television yesterday, and I am having a strange problem. Whenever I change my desktop resolution to 3840x2160 (my T.V.'s Resolution) all games whether they are PC games or games running on emulators will only run at 30fps. But if I set the desktop resolution back down to 1280x720 everything runs at full speed. Everything else on the PC (like videos and standard programs) run great when the desktop resolution is set to 3840x2160, only games are affected by the resolution change. My question is this, if I am not changing any of the emulators or games graphics settings from what I have always used then why does moving my desktop resolution up affect gaming the way it does? I am only asking for curiosity because it makes no sense to me. I would appreciate any answer anyone can give me on this subject.
  3. OIC Thank you. I know it is not really a system, but I also know the great people that work on Launchbox usually leave no stone unturned. So I thought they might have added support.
  4. I want to add my SNES MSU-1 games as a separate category in Launchbox but I am having a major problem, Launchbox is not detecting the games when I scan my MSU-1 folder. Can somebody please help me with this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Is their a simple program to scan my PS1 iso folder and create a log of what games I am missing? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I downloaded the gliden64 plugin for use with Project64. The problem is the download was a 7zip archive that contained two versions of the plugin for Project 64, one called "Gliden64 QT", and gliden64 WTL". Could someone please tell me the difference in the two versions, and which one I should use?
  7. Is it possible to use the mouse as a substitute for the lightgun in any of the retroarch PS1 cores? If so, could someone please tell me how. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Thanks for all your help @neil9000 and @DOS76. Your idea worked @DOS76, once I tried adding the specific type of files seperately it worked like a charm.
  9. The files are bin and cue format with m3us for the multi-disc titles. Steps For Importing Games: 1. On launchboxes Main Screen I navigate to Menu-->tools-->Import Rom files 2. On the first screen of the import wizard I click Next 3. On the Files to import screen I choose add folders and locate my PS1 games folder I then highlight the folder name and click on OK 4. Back at the select files to import screen I click next 5. On the "what platform are you importing game for?" screen I choose Sony Playstation from the drop down menu and click next 6. On the "what emulator would you like to use? screen I choose Retroarch (which I have set as the default Playstatiom emulator and I am using the "mednafen_psx_hw_libretro" core) and I push next 7. On the "would you like to move or copy files?" screen I click on "use the files in their current location" then i push next 8. On the next three screens all boxes are checked 9. On the "would you like to select specific options screen? I check the boxes for "use folder names instead of rom file names for game titles", "look for PDF files to use as the games manual", and "combine roms with a matching title into a single game" then I push next 10. The "ready to import" screen comes up but no games are listed
  10. For some reason Launchbox is not recognising my PS1 games. I have tried to add them several times, but when I get to the final screen of the import wizard the area where the games are supposed to be listed is empty. I was able to setup my other systems without any problems, so I am using the import wizard properly. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I figured out the problem. I had two different versions of Retroarch on my system and pointed Launchbox to the wrong one.
  12. Something's wrong I have both "parallel_n64_libretro.dll" and "higan_sfc_libretro.dll" cores installed in Retroarch. But neither one is showing up in Launchbox's drop down menu.
  13. I am using launchbox 10.14 and was wondering if you could add missing cores to Launchbox's Retroarch core list, and if so how do you add them. Specifically I want to add the Parallel 64 and Higan cores. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
  14. OK, thank you for the help. I will check it out.
  15. I am looking for a list of the commands that tell the emulators how to function. For example I know "-fullscreen" tells the emulator to start in full screen and "-nogui" tells the emulator to bring up the game window without the GUI menu. but those are the only two i know. I have also seen commands like "-b", and "-e" that I have no clue about. Is their a list that tells me what the commands are?
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