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  1. The common link I'm seeing so far is attract mode. I'm going to try disabling that and my auto task and see what happens.
  2. So for ultimate closure if anyone out there is looking for it, is that im living with it with a roundabout fix. I did in fact try to upgrade to Win10 and it DID in fact seem to help allot more. Memory leaking happened at a considerably slower pace than it did on Win7. However, do to the fact that it was still leaking, i went ahead and added a windows task that ran a batch file every 8 hours starting from logon. The batch file will warn any users of the impending restart and give them 30 seconds to exit the current game before killing the BigBox process and restarting it. This seems to be working a treat and as it will more than likely run at a time the arcade will not be in use, im quite fine with the current patch job until one update hopefully magically fixes it for me. Thanks again to everyone who tried to help me!
  3. Hey, sorry for the super late reply back. @Jason Carr, I do not currently have anything setup as far as the movies go, I can go ahead and do that when i get home if you think it might be of any help. What i have noticed is that the commit memory will continue climbing until it has used up most of the available page file, but the actual working set will stay at around 7.8 gigs used.
  4. It appears to be a rather slow process of eating it. Im currently going to do the 30 mins to every hour checkup and print screen idea you had @ckp and will do the memory dump once it climbs a good bit. Thanks once again for the help so far everyone.
  5. So i just did that and well see how much differently it runs, but this was also happening when the ram cache was set at its default value of 512MB. i have noticed that the memory buildup was significantly slower when i set the image quality to lowest from medium this morning in BB. Unfortunately, thats the only real option for BB as i noticed there is no RAMCache setting in BB's settings.
  6. I dont actually know if BB is leaking but its the first thing that came to mind. In LB's memory options ive given it an incredibly generous max of 4GB thinking that would hopefully help. the machine is full 64 bit windows 7 and all 8 gigs are seen by the computer (save for 64m for video memory) and im running the latest build of 6.12. I got a screenshot of the resource manager when it was at roughly 5 gigs used. Thanks so far for attempting to help!
  7. Hi all, I am currently trying to figure out why Bigbox is eating all of my memory. I originally started with only 4 gigs of ram in the machine as i didnt think it would need much more than that but soon added another 4 gigs when windows kept showing "low system memory" notifications. If i leave bigbox open, it will slowly eat all the ram in the machine, usually after 3 hours. My original assumption was that with attract mode enabled, it would display the pictures for every game it stopped on and continue doing this, thus slowly eating up the memory as more and more images get loaded into memory. To this end i attempted to lower the quality of the images to lowest in the Bigbox settings but still run out of memory. I currently have in the realm of 4000 games running off of a Pentium G3258, 8gb ram, 128gb SSD (windows install, Launchbox is also installed here), and a 2.5TB HDD (data drive, roms are all stored here.) I have not yet tried lowering the number of roms in my library to see if that helps at all but am probably about to. Researching this however, i see a couple others with significantly larger library's than i running off of 4gb ram still. Anyone else having similar issues or is this limited to only myself? Thanks, Strwrsteve
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