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  1. Hi, In response to the grid look like in steam, it seems that it has already been resolved. https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/2102/new-view-in-bigbox-grid If that is the case, are we able to make this theme look more like the actual Nesica theme? As attached, the Nesica theme has either 2 or 3 rows of games grid, aka the steam big box look, then the top will have the preview. In this way, the player can have a wider bird's eye view to see what he wish to play, making the experience way better than "scrolling wheels" - that is a very limited view. Can @simplyaustin help in this? Evilmaster
  2. Hey bro, Found another link for the steam banners/grid, seems to be powerful too. http://steambanners.booru.org/index.php Cheers.
  3. Hey @shro2016, found another link here https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/2102/new-view-in-bigbox-grid Someone already made a request for the grid that look like steam be available to big box with a video preview. Wonder if @Jason Carr is reading this then it might get speed up if you work with him? Regards, Evilmaster
  4. Hey! Nice to see you here~ A simple question regarding this is then why is the website arcardep**** alright with all those downloads? Regards, Evilmaster
  5. Hi Shro, Nice work you have there! Wondering if you have any progress of late? I notice that the Nesica have 2 rows of game art at the bottom and it looks like the steam library view in the attached image. This place can let you download any steam game banner/grid http://www.steamgriddb.com/ Then the above is just a video of the game preview. If this 2 things is set, then its almost done up is it? Regards, Evilmaster
  6. Oh silly me.... its because im looking at the file size before unzip. After unzipping, its around the same size more or less....
  7. Hi, I came across quite a lot of same game but vastly different size across different platform. E.g. Ikaruga (Naomi) 11MB Ikaruga (Dreamcast) 58MB Ikaruga (Gamecube) 1.3GB I understand like CDI and GDI, the latter is to preserve the original from downsizing thus GDI files is always mostly bigger then CDI, but for the example above, the difference seems to be too great? After playing the game in the different emulators I can't tell the difference maybe just the Gamecube version is slightly louder, that's about it. The graphics mostly looked the same at a Full HD screen(Gamecube version tweaking to X3 native). I don't know is it my eyes or there's really no big difference. If so, I would then get the smaller file size in order to preserve space.
  8. Hi, I've came across this Nesica xLive theme by taito and it really look awesome. I was wondering if anybody share my thoughts can would possibly create this for Big Box? There is a review by simply austin here, and there is another fan made link here where all the files have been create for Attract Mode and Rocket Launcher. I've only used Launch Box till now thus I'm not sure how to operate others, and I thought to continue using Big Box in the future too. Not sure if the artwork and borders can be supported using any previous themes created in the forum here to enable the possibility faster? Really hope someone can create this for BIg Box, any takers? Oh, this is the fan channel link, not sure if it helps? Saw someone did it in Hyperspin, was wondering if it can be also be done for the BigBox?
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