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  1. I didn't want to delete the settings file afraid of what I might need to recreate. This is on full size replica arcade cab and I have a lot of config to try to make the front end as user friendly as possible. In any case the problem in the settings file was controlsbarheight. It was at a very high value; I changed it to 3. Still looks like the lb window may be slightly off but its completely usable now. I only use Bigbox anyway and only go into LB for adding games and tweaking my emulator settings.
  2. This issue is hard to describe. I applied the 10.5 update today. When LB loaded the up key seemed to be stuck causing the part of the frame inside the launchbox window to stretch endlessly when I clicked inside it. Bigbox is fine. The stuck key seems to no longer be an issue. But I cannot reset the view inside the regular LB window. Please help.
  3. I have big box set to auto open on my cabinet. Usually I will initiate a startup and come back to it a few min later. Most of the time the attract sound and rotation of games is “paused” and the controls are not responding. I wind up needing to left click to bring big box into focus. Since big box is full screen it’s not obvious what maybe interfering. This was not an issue for a long time. My best guess is steam maybe interfering as that auto opens on startup as well but should be minimized.
  4. Sure. It took a little back and forth at first so bear with me as I try to recreate what I did. I opened general controller support from the main Steam preferences with vjoy running. Under controllers it detected two "unrecognized gamepads" I had to basically guess which was player 1 and 2. I think they wound up being reversed. I believe i checked off all the controller support options but probably I just needed to check generic gamepad. After that I selected the controller I thought was p1 and then selected define layout. I made sure I had enough buttons in vjoy on to map at least 4 face buttons and 1 shoulder and 1 trigger. The part that tripped me up at first I believe was I couldn't map the dpad. I had to map left stick x and y to the joystick. After that I was able to save my profile with the joystick and then do the same for player 2. Since then all my Steam fighting games have been working without a hitch. Actually better then they had with vjoy and x360ce. My only problem game at this point is Tekken 7. Tekken 7 I believe will only navigate the menus with the dpad not left stick and for the life of me I cant get the dpad to work. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  5. I had not previously heard of ucr. Seems to perform a similar function to x360ce. I played around more with it, and it seems like none of my steam games I previously setup with x360ce were working. I went back into Steam and after some initial trouble managed to get the Steam general controller mapping to work with vjoy which then successfully worked with Street fighter v for 2 player setup. That was 2 nights ago. I need to go back to my arcade and make sure the setup is still stable in sfv. And then assuming that is stable see if my other steam fighter games work with this setup. I don't know if this was just an oversight on my part not seeing this as an option previously, or if Steam made some changes to its native directinput controller support that one caused x360ce to stop working but alternatively better supported vjoy directinput natively in Steam. I'll try to update to let everyone know how it works out.
  6. I have been successfully using an arcade xtensions controller to play 2 player street fighter v using a combo of vjoy and x360ce. Last week Capcom dropped support for directinput controllers and told users to use Steam's built in support. I suspected this would brick my setup but thought since x360ce is using xinput that it might not be affected. But no luck. I tried seeing if I could get Steam to recognize my two vjoy emulated controllers. When I go to general controller settings it does see them. But when I try to bind enough keys to play the game I see no way to save the config. Also if I go into big picture settings it just says no controller attached. Does anyone have a similar setup and thought of a solution? Or does anyone have any ideas?
  7. I started having this issue a month or so ago after having a mostly smooth experience with Steam. I have a full size arcade I run Big Box with auto startup as the front end and have a few emulators running arcade games plus Steam running modern fighting games. After I had it working near perfect for awhile lately I now have issues with the Steam game going into the background behind Big Box after launching. I wind up having to exit out of Big Box and click on the game on the taskbar to bring it to the front. I would say this happens about 1 out of 2 times. Most often the first time launching a game in a new session. I should also add I used a unique solution for Steam games suggested here to overcome a problem with needing to launch vjoy with a Steam game then close it. I created a "emulator" for each Steam game using a bogus file that uses the steam game number. Then I am able to run vjoy with the launch of the game then hit escape after the game closes to also close vjoy. I don't remember all the ins and outs as to why this was the preferred solution; but I was not the only one with this need / problem.
  8. The only platform xml files I see in that folder are for the platforms I intentionally added like Arcade, Windows, various consoles etc. The unwanted platforms I don't want that were automatically added and keep re appearing are Capcom, Williams, Nintendo Classics etc. These are platforms pretty much by developer that automatically started appearing a few versions ago. I keep manually deleting them but they reappear after a few days. I attached a screenshot to illustrate what I am referring to.
  9. I tried just removing them from the platform list inside launchbox. I'll try deleting the files.
  10. I keep deleting all the automatically generating platform categories. IE Capcom, Williams, Konami etc. But they keep reappearing. Is there a way to keep Launchbox from automatically generating these?
  11. Thanks for the offer of help. I found another previous solution on the forum though. However that solution does have at least one caveat: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/36199-vjoy-automation-for-steam-games/ The problem with this solution is you have to press a key after the game exit to complete the script and auto kill vjoy. So a little bit more messy then I was hoping. But I think it is preferable to having to another process running in the background at all times, ahk, just for the 2 or 3 steam fighting games I am hoping to run in bigbox.
  12. I'll have to capture some screenshots when I'm in front of the arcade cab. But I think I found the problem; still not sure how to solve. So the games I'm trying to run are via Steam. So I think the problem is the steam process needs to shut down to trigger the "run after application closes". Any thoughts?
  13. Hi, I'm trying to use vjoy for my modern fighting games that are not fully keyboard controls compatible. I mostly have everything working correct now vjoy with one exception. I am able to use the additional apps feature to auto launch vjoy with the games I want; but I am unable to auto close vjoy when the game shuts down. I tried adding a second instance of vjoy in additional apps that included -exit in the parameters. But that did nothing. Not sure what was wrong I tried creating a batch file that ran vjoy.exe -exit But it still seems like its not running on exit. The strange thing is if I manually go to the batch file in the edit Window inside launchbox and run my disable batch file it works. I'm sure I'm missing something simple since I don't know nearly enough of basic scripting so any help is much anticipated. Thanks guys.
  14. Nevermind, I found a script I was using to close demul that I pulled from the arcadecontrols forum that maps process close to a key press and that works.
  15. I have a cabinet based around an x-arcade tankstick. In all my emulators I have the right pinball button which is 4 mapped as the exit key. In mame I just did this by changing the cancel function from escape to 4. In model 2 I have an autohotkey script to have 4 send alt f4 to close the window. In supermodel only esc key seems to exit. Even alt f4 from the keyboard won't close the emulator. I tried to add a script to remap 4 to esc. I thought the problem with supermodel might be the input so I added to the command line to force direct input. But the script still doesn't seem to work. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks everyone.
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