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  1. Ok. It's not Recalbox who's scraping but the software called Skraper. Who scraps in french and is compatible with Launchbox. I understand that you don't provide support. (Not cool, I've been touting your software for years on my youtube channel and on my facebook page.) We are in a forum, can the community help for this ? Or have some tips about this ? Without your support.
  2. I understand but when we scrap with Skraper for Recalbox, it's all in french. When I made the same operation with the Launchbox directory, Launchbox keep the english. I'm sure the problem is Launchbox. We have support for the paid licence right ?
  3. But is it possible to scrap in another languages with other software ?
  4. Hello everyone, I found old topic (2016) about this but no answer. Is it possible to scrap games in french ? I tried with Launchbox and Scraper, the descriptions still in english. Thanks.
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