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  1. Victory, Thanks. Atleast now that I know why it wasn't saving I can play with some other shaders
  2. Oh totally but on a giant 4k tv its a bit much
  3. I think CRT-Royale is what is being used currently and it looks like a screen door. I'll check out Kurozumi though
  4. So up until recently I have been using a scanlines in Retroarch but no longer want to use them as they dont look so great on a 4k tv. When I load a game through Big Box/LaunchBox the scanlines are on so I proceed to open the quick menu and delete all the shaders, when I close the game and open something else even if its the same game they are back, I have even tried saving overrides for cores and games and no such luck there either.
    Fantastic videos, hope you keep making them as I would love to have all my platforms with Pandamonium videos.
  5. So I have two quick questions for Big Box the first being is it possible to make the platform list release order instead of alphabetical? The other question I had is in regards to Attract Mode, is there a way to make it more random? Every time it starts it seems to go to the same couple of platforms even though I have a large list of them.
  6. Currently I am neck deep in adding Dos games to my setup and was curious, are there any good methods for adding/playing Win9x games? Obviously for some I can go the GoG route and buy and add the executable but I'm curious what my options are for the more obscure stuff. Traditionally I would use a virtual machine but are there any alternatives like Dos Box that can be incorporated into Launchbox?
  7. I think I might finally throw Rocket Launcher out the window and re-import everything that way I can prevent this in the future.
  8. Ballz. all of my cd based platforms were on another hard drive and not contained in the Launchbox folder. Welp, this will be fun.
  9. Sooooo my Launchbox is slowly ballooning out of control and needs to be transplanted to a new 8tb hard drive. Is there anyway to this with out busting everything? Am I doomed to just rebuild everything and launch Rocket Launcher into the sun in the process.
  10. I'd be curious of this as well since the last one is being held together with duct tape and sheer force of will after all the mods I have made to it
  11. You may be onto something with that. I was testing shaders in retroarch and it would launch like that. If I launch it through Launchbox/rocket launcher it loads with a default bezel for the system. Curious were Retroarch is getting this blank bezel from
  12. Check to make sure your AV isnt nuking it. I had mine kill one random ddl file and it wouldnt start because of it
  13. Whenever I start a game currently they start on the left hand side of the screen. I can see the whole image still so its still playable but its kinda distracting, any idea how to fix this?
  14. So things were working mostly fine until I updated to 9.2. When using BigBox now it no longer fills the screen, if I switch it two my smaller screen 2 it fills it just fine. I wouldnt mind if it didnt fill the whole window but it still acts as if the program is at a larger resolution and actually cuts off part of the window.
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