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  1. I'll give installing .NET 4.8 a go, and if I've any success, I'll report back here, in case anyone else has this specific issue. Thanks for the input
  2. Current situation: Same issues even after version 10.5 Has anyone else had this problem?
  3. I have, and had, Launchbox 10.1, updated since 7.0 and registered. It worked fine in the first installed OS of Windows 7. Since Microsoft will be eliminating Win7 in 2020, I thought I'd upgrade to 8.1. After upgrade, and reinstalling Launchbox, (since apps in 7 would not automatically upgrade to the 8.1 environment), the "Launchbox is initializing..." errors out after a few minutes. It gives no error details other than it has stopped working and it will close. After searching the forums and trying all the suggestions, it still will not initialize and simply errors out. (things tried) -uninstall Launchbox, delete any remaining remnants, reinstalling 10.1 from fresh downloaded file -fresh installing previous (9.10) version - Allowing install of launchbox in the default locations recommended by installation. - Deleting CefSharp Folder -fresh installs from microsoft downloads of Net Framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 4.7 -fresh installs from microsoft downloads of Visual C++ 2015. Also uninstalled and tried again. -Turned off all UAC -No instance of Riva Tuner or MSI Afterburner running or installed. - No virus scanners or acceleration software running -All drivers updated. Windows, Nvidia, etc. -all emulators working outside of Launchbox (not that I can even start Launchbox to configure anything right now...) -Reinstalling windows 8.1 -Tried compatibility modes and Admin permissions -Tried box regular Launchbox and BigBox start up (BigBox doesn't even initialize, or even error out. It just doesn't activate anything) - 16 GB ram and dual core proccessor with over 290GB storage free. ...Is there anything else i'm missing and that could be suggested?
  4. I'm getting this error recently after version 9.0. I've updated to 10.1 and the same issue happens. After a few minutes, the error message pops up, and Launchbox shuts down. My computer currently has 16GB ram on Windows 7 with a 2GB video card and the correct and updated drivers. All emulators work outside of Launchbox and in GameEx frontend. Launchbox worked flawlessly until recently. Has anyone else gotten this issue, and did you find out why? Edit: An additional thought occurred to me. I did add quite a few new roms after a MAME update around that time. The art cache might be filling up the ram. Is there a way to disable or change the art cache function? I tried using just a list of roms instead of any graphics, and the error comes up the same.
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