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  1. Pretty much. That or just don't care about metadata so you don't lose any info when you generate a new rom list. But that works for me. I just wanted a nice looking frontend that made switch games easy.
  2. My PC is pretty decent. i5, GTX970, 8GB RAM, was still getting stuttering when scrolling through a small library of just a few dozen games. ~400MB of RAM used. I forget what the layout was exactly but it was the one where you flip through the games' boxart like cards. I appreciate the thought, but don't worry about it. I just don't think LB is for me. I'm coming from EmulationStation, so it seems like a lot of extra stuff that I'm never gonna use. I've already got an Attract Mode frontend mostly setup that I'm very happy with, using 10% of the RAM LB was. (Not as easy to configure though.) No worries! Refund receieved. Best of luck going forward!
  3. Thanks for confirming. That's what I figured, but I wanted to make sure since the Support tab disappearing was so weird. I'll sit tight in the meantime.
  4. Not sure where to post this. I purchased a Forever-Updates License last Saturday after hearing a lot of great things about Big Box. Unfortunately, I had no idea the memory footprint would be so big, even before adding more than a handful of games. I saw on the forums the devs seem very friendly and offer refunds to people when the product doesn't work out for them. I first requested a refund through the Contact Us link in the site footer. Shortly after that, I noticed there was a support tab on the forums which seemed built for refund requests, so I submitted a request there as well, which opened a support ticket. It's been almost a week now with no reply. I can understand that, since they seem to be a small staff. However, when I checked on my ticket today, I can't even access it. The support tab is missing and I've no way to check it. I'm a bit weirded out now. Anyone know what's going on?
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