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    Irata jaguar

    Same here @blowleafsblow...I have been trying to obtain irata jaguar everywhere also. The ones that I found need a license and when I try to obtain that its aslo not working and unavailable.
  2. I fixed it. It was the default auto setup for the controller in retroarch. For some reason auto wasn't detecting select on my BT controller so I had to manually input it. Working good now.
  3. I think I found the problem! 1 and a million odds the select button on my controller is shot. I tried a simple game like super mario and went to select 2 players and no action. I will be back to confirm with update, trying another pad now.
  4. I'm launching all versions mame through LB running RA and RA32, and I can't start the game because the select button for coin insert option for the controller has been removed for whatever reason. Can someone please guide me on how to get the mame games to start using select for coin? I looked through the hotkey and port binds and there is no coin option I'm lost.
  5. Ok, well I keep digging and try to figure out what the problem is. Thanks for you help. If I come across the issue I will be sure to post it.
  6. @Jason CarrWell, Something funky is happening then because for some reason its copying the roms and placing them into the following directory for example this is a path to where the games are being copied to... Then my 64gb on my phone gets washed away real fast. LB app boxart and all only use up like 6gb. As you can see the directory to read the game is not to my sd card.
  7. @Jason CarrThat's just the thing. I have my roms on the sd card already, but when I go into LB and place a system say nes it has me import the roms to my phone instead of reading them from the sd. The directory creates a game folder on my phone memory. This is what I'm trying to avoid.
  8. Is there a way to keep your roms on the sd card and have launchbox launch the games from the sd card? I only can import and it takes up all my phone memory which is 64gb. I have a 256gb sd card with all my roms on it. My goal is to have LB on my phone internal memory and have my roms stored and load from the sd card. Can someone help me with this if its possible?
  9. I understand what you are saying. I do have a complete .215 romset. Then it must be broken roms then. I don't get it though how can it be broken if it still plays perfectly with mame 2003 core? I know for a fact the roms are not mixed. I guess I will hafta research more on the issue. Thanks for the insight and info.
  10. Yea, I am being patient, but at the same time like a kid in a candy store lol. I'm just so happy they finally pushed it to android. A long time waiting.
  11. I did that but that doesn't always work. Some roms run better with different cores. Like say Narc, it won't load with say mame .215 but will with 2003.
  12. I tried using different cores per game but say if I change one game from mame 2003 to 2010 it does it for all the rest of the roms.
  13. 1. Have the ability to have independent core choices for each game and not just the whole system. 2. Search engine to find games easier instead having to scroll through a gazzilian games. 3. A favorites tag and file 4. Background and menu bar color choice. The bar is hardly visible. 5. Easier way to upload box art other then going into the backdoor files itself to edit, add, or change it. 6. The ability to edit game info.
  14. You are locked in for one core choice for all your titles. This is an issue because all MAME roms use different MAME cores as an example. Can we get the option to choose independent cores for what ever rom needs a different core other then the main core for all?
  15. Thanks I got it to work now, but another problem arises. If I run to extract the game at launch it takes forever to load and always fails. If I run without extracting it loads quickly but the music sound is missing. For ex. Mortal Kombat Trilogy. The game plays great but the music from background stages and menu are silent. If I load directly from retroarch its fine. But through LB its not.
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