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  1. More tinkering, it seems to go through fine if I do about 1/3 of the games at a time, it's currently scraping the videos for about 1000 games out of 2700. I'm not sure why the amount would be a problem.
  2. I've been tinkering around with it a bit more and I still can't get it download the videos from EmuMovies for the whole library. I've unchecked all of the LaunchBox images and settings and on the EmuMovies tabs I selected low and high quality snaps so that those were the only things set to download. It speeds through the whole library in seconds and never attempts to download a video. I tried selecting the first 12 or so games and when I scrape those they get movies just fine. If I select thr whole library then it doesn't even try to download any movies at all. I'm not really sure what's going on here, I've had no issues using Launchbox for this in the past. Is there some kind of log I can check to see if it's even attempting to pull anything from EmuMovies?
  3. I didn't uncheck it, it only seems to have issues with scraping from EmuMovies, the Launchbox DB stuff is downloading fine. It's also not giving any errors, it's like it's just not trying.
  4. I'm at work at the moment, I'll take some screens hots and try the ideas out when I get home. The games do get identified properly and all have a proper database ID#. If I select a game and edit it, then download metadata from that window it will download EmuMovies videos fine. If I go under tool and scrape metadata that way it will work if I have a single game selected but not if I have multiple.
  5. They show up, I can check and I check like normal but no videos ever download. They never even attempt to download in the status bar at the bottom.
  6. The platform is the default arcade platform for MAME roms and its set to scrape as arcade. It work if I scrape a game by itself but not when I select multiple games or try to scape the whole platform.
  7. It only seems to be happening on my Arcade platform. I have a custom Daphne platform setup and it pulled media from EmuMovies just fine. I browsed around the forum a bit more and it seems like a few others are having a similar problem after the last update.
  8. I'm able to login and download from the website like normal, I already reset my password. Launchbox seems to be logging into my account without any problems.
  9. Hello, I usually lurk around and search for problems I'm having and most of the time I can find someone else with the same problem and fix it that way. I can't seem to the find anything this time. The issue is that when I download metadata everything works great, it downloads all of the images and info just fine but it's not downloading any videos when I check them in the scraper. I have a premium emumovies account. No videos ever make their way into the videos folder but if I edit a game and scrap from the media part of that window then it downloads the videos just fine. It also only seems to be my Arcade platform since I was able to scrape my Daphne platform just fine. I've tried redownloading the meta data a few different times and I still can't get it download videos. Edit: I should say if I download the metadata with a single game selected then it will grab the video, it only only has trouble when I try to scrape the whole platform.
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