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  1. How long , im sure i left mine for ages tried three versions all same
  2. Hi all sorry to bother again been trying to run Garou-Mark of the wolves using demul (Dreamcast) tried several different isos from different sites both Jap and USA strats to boot gets to SNK screen and locks up tried changing bios and video settings no joy Any Ideas Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  3. sorry sorted set to auto
  4. Hi trying to run KOF99 on Demul but everytime i run it comes up with an error message this game does not support av cable connected please disconnect Any Ideas ?
  5. ok matey i am sure it will be fine
  6. yes mate i am aware what iam saying is it was ready last week so why the delay is it to do with departures of people ?
  7. I was made aware video was done last week , then Sentaibrads departure what do you mean re latest beta ?
  8. Hi all just wondering has not been a new tutorial for nearly 3 weeks any ideas why ?
  9. if my motherboard will take it looking at fx9590
  10. Thanks for everyones help
  11. Many Thanks really helpful
  12. AMD FX-6300
  13. overclocked but still running slow
  14. ok thanks for help so a cpu overclock might help ? is mario kart a hard one to run ? SMB 2d world runs 60 frames no problem anyone got a working 720 graphics pack , i tried to amend 1080 one but it stays in 1080
  15. anyone else had issues with Mario Kart ??? had a look mate but its very zelda specific now running 1.81 is it due to processor/gpu too slow btw does anyone know if its gpy or cpu that makes the most difference? Thanks