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  1. Poll Results

    Hi Sorry if this info has already been posted the recent feature poll what new features are to be integrated ? Thanks
  2. Error message on some Saturn Games

    Thanks to all gonna remove and restart too many that don't work plus downloaded from another site and they seem ok Thanks Again
  3. Error message on some Saturn Games

    Cheers Pal will delete a few reduce characters and retry Thanks Again
  4. Error message on some Saturn Games

    the titles do look really long bit confused re- Try simplifying the name of your .cue and .bin files, don't forget to adjust your .bin file name change in the .cue file using notepad. if i change name in rom folder where do i change in relation to Launchbox ? or is it easier to just import all roms again ?
  5. Error message on some Saturn Games

    Thanks Matey will do
  6. Error message on some Saturn Games

    Hi sorry to bother again managed to get some additional Saturn Games they are Bin/Cue format some run fine others give "Uncorrectable data at sector 0" in Retroarch Are they corrupted or am i doing sommat wrong Thanks Again Dean
  7. ishiiruka build or standard Dolphin

    Hi Last year I posted regarding issues relating to Dolphin I was given some great advice to try ishiiruka build I have now upgraded my cpu, added extra ram and upgraded GPU Should I now be changing back to standard Dolphin will it run better on newer hardware ? Thanks in Advance Dean
  8. 1080 Snowboarding N64 Glitches

    Sorted Many Thanks again to all
  9. 1080 Snowboarding N64 Glitches

    is there an option to open with on particular games ? i know you can use multiple emulators but not sure how Thanks Again
  10. 1080 Snowboarding N64 Glitches

    Hi running Mupen via Retroarch and when i load 1080 snowboarding i get vertical lines on screen when ever there is text is it a glitch because i have tried multiple roms i previously ran project 64 and i don't remember it on that ? any ideas would be appreciated Thanks Again Dean
  11. Subscription

    Many Thanks I have been reasurred !
  12. Subscription

    Hi sorry this os probably wrong forum area, my subscription has ended and i want to pay but i no longer have a credit card, i am resident in UK so cant pay with my debit card has anyone payed via Amazon Pay is it safe ? Thanks
  13. Saturn Emulation Mednafen or Retroarch

    Thanks to all sorted working Great Thanks again
  14. Saturn Emulation Mednafen or Retroarch

  15. Saturn Emulation Mednafen or Retroarch

    good pont