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  1. Ram effecting performance

    Thanks for all help Launchbox is bit slower now, so it may be worth for a speed boost while navigating within it Again Thanks to all
  2. Update to 7.12

    Cheers Pal
  3. Ram effecting performance

    sorry currently 8gb AMD 8350 with Nvidia 1060 GPU
  4. Ram effecting performance

    Hi Sorry to post again looking into doubling ram to 16 gb will it have any effect while retrogaming ? Thanks Dean
  5. Update to 7.12

  6. Update to 7.12

    Thanks for all help Again sorry
  7. Update to 7.12

    sorted Thanks
  8. Update to 7.12

    thouight i had pointed to old folder but its updated but its like a new install
  9. Update to 7.12

    how do i reinstall manually is there a download on Launchbox website ?
  10. Update to 7.12

    yes but only the one i have always used Mcafee
  11. Update to 7.12

    Had it on another drive and tried that exactly same so i dont think its the physical drive ?!! Have you updated ? was it fresh or via beta i never use betas is it likely to be that
  12. Update to 7.12

    rebooted now .exe file for launchbox gone
  13. Update to 7.12

    yes full access same error message
  14. Update to 7.12

    Big Box does not load either spinning circle then nothing
  15. Update to 7.12

    was working after upgrade Am i fucked ? 50 + hours sorting stuff have i to restart ?