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  1. Problem since 7.11 upgrade

    ok mate cheers workin thru your excellent suggestions
  2. Problem since 7.11 upgrade

    what slows stuff down ? is it number of games and speed of hdd ?
  3. Problem since 7.11 upgrade

    not sure mate but it does happen overall speed seems down any tips to speed up ?
  4. Problem since 7.11 upgrade

    only tried Launchbox all that i have tried with at least one of them retroarch Thanks Dean
  5. Problem since 7.11 upgrade

    Hi Recently upgraded to 7.11 and having few problems when I press escape to come out of a game screen goes black and nothing, this happens on multiple emus sometime it eventually goes back into launchbox other times I have to reset and reload also the whole thing seems much slower, when navigating through Launchbox any ideas Thanks in Advance
  6. Screen tearing in Mame

    many thanks found that option appears to be working great
  7. Screen tearing in Mame

    Probably not is that an option in Mame ? i will look Thanks Matey
  8. Screen tearing in Mame

    Hi All sorry to post again question - running Mame.184 and certain games I am getting tearing and artifacting is there a setting i can change to remove this ? Thanks
  9. Operation Wolf Mame using mouse

    ok mate will check
  10. Operation Wolf Mame using mouse

    Hi sorry to post again trying to run Mouse on Operation Wolf cant seem to get it to work tried changing settings in main menu and in game using tab menu can't get it to work Any help would be appreciated Thanks Dean
  11. Crysis Via LAunchbox FPS

    Got Sorted Thanks To neil9000 & DOS76
  12. Crysis Via LAunchbox FPS

    Thanks will have a go think its on auto at moment
  13. Crysis Via LAunchbox FPS

    Cheers mate will av a go
  14. Crysis Via LAunchbox FPS

    Hi Sorry sure this is the wrong forum But i have always got help here so Running Crysis and it seems to lock at 24FPS I am running a GTX 1060 on a Sony 48" tv other games run ok at 60 FPS but it seems to lock at 24 fps like it was a film any ideas Thanks
  15. Updated PC was it worth it ?

    ok cant move on processor at moment because need new motherboard etc