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  1. Whats your thoughts on Mame in Retroarch
  2. Is it curvture i need to change or create ?
  3. Curvature does not appear to be there ?
  4. No sorry i meant i was also having issues with Retroarch i have discovered it was an admin issue in windows got scanlines working but screen has a curvature which i can change via a slider in mame but i need to change wholesale does anyone which ini file i need to change Thanks in advance
  5. Think its pc at fault or hdd also having issues with retroarch not saving config
  6. Has it been renamed in newer versions of mame ?
  7. Sorry i must be an idiot but can find rasterini but cannot find mameini where is it located ?
  8. Hi posted this question before sorry cant get scanlines to work in mame.210 or .214 any ideas tried downloading files from lord munkus but can find where thy assuming they still work any help appreciated Dean
  9. All i am doing is dragging a few roms i have recently added to my rom directory, straight into FBA screen as i have done for last couiple of weeks with no issue but tnow this other roms in there still work fine how do i check wether its looking for another version of emu ? Thanks Again
  10. Works fine within Retroarch triedagain importing via wizard same error message saying path to emulator is wrong appears to be bug since new build 10.1
  11. I am only adding to existing build Just dtagging across into Launchbox assuming thats still work ? Will try just with Retroarch Thanks
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