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  1. Policenaughts - working ??

    Cheers Pal
  2. Policenaughts - working ??

    Sorted Downloaded 5th version of Iso's now working Thanks Again
  3. Policenaughts - working ??

    yes i have other games that work fine just find it strange that every version does not work and on both systems
  4. Policenaughts - working ??

    Ok Dont understand it then will try again Thanks
  5. Policenaughts - working ??

    Hi sorry to ask again any one got poilcenaughts to work? tried multiple copies on Saturn and PS1 none work I am using Retroarch cores so is it related to that ? at a major loss please help Thanks Dean
  6. Changing Rom/Iso locations

    Thanks Mate So you use tools option in Launchbox ? Thanks Again
  7. Changing Rom/Iso locations

    Hi Sorry to bother everyone again just got another drive so wanna tidy up Hdd's wanna transfer roms to another drive is there a way to do it without starting fresh with that platform ? Thanks in advance Dean
  8. Screen for Marquee

    Aye up Matey 7" or 10 " is fine Thanks
  9. Running Fahrenheit in retroarch

    Sorted Thanks to you Cheers
  10. Screen for Marquee

    Hi question for anyone who can help seen video posted by ETA Prime showing how to set up Marquee Anyone know where you can buy a small sized monitor with hdmi or dvi connections ? Needs to be UK based if possible please Thanks In Advance Dean
  11. Running Fahrenheit in retroarch

    Ignore last post Thanks to you sorted !!!
  12. Running Fahrenheit in retroarch

    Sorry mate don't expect you to answer followed your instructions - still the same cannot understand directed it to folder with images - just says insert other disk 1-2 2-1
  13. Running Fahrenheit in retroarch

    Sorry to bother you Thanks again for all your help
  14. Running Fahrenheit in retroarch

    Is it anything to do with it running 32x as well on that game ?
  15. Running Fahrenheit in retroarch

    Sorry Mate as I have said before I am proper thick I cant follow what you are saying all other games seem to run ok just Fahrenheit which keeps asking for other disk wont even boot into game sorry and Thanks