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  1. Sorry one last thing , how do i ensure pcsx 2 shuts down ? when i press escape to leave game its still running in background ! Do i need command line parameter ?
  2. Thanks Mate getting there now Thanks for all your help
  3. Think i have found problem , will the emu only work with .iso ?
  4. Cheers mate will do Thanks will let ya know
  5. just installed so same settings , not got vast amount of games do you recommend PCSX2 Configurator plugin ?
  6. Hi Sorry to be a pain but struggling some games will run ok on PCSX 2 but some crash and give this error message its stand alone version with bios Any help would be appreciated
  7. Hi I am using latest vesion, not chds, bin and cue files Works fine if i manually drop files onto .exe does there need to be something in command line parameters? Thanks Again
  8. Hi Sorry hope this is not being discussed in another post cannot get Standalone Mednafen to run within Launchbox Its Mednafen version 1.27.1 Runs fine if i place rom manually on exe outside Launchbox, but does nothing within Launchbox Any help would be appreciated Thanks Dean
  9. Hi Trying to add associated platform in retroarch keep getting error message The same command-line parameters are used more than once for the Final Burn Alpha within this emulator. Please select distinct command-line parameters for each entry. Please advise
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