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  1. Hi Anyone having issues with FBA adding individual roms ? Since 10.1 update everytime i additional roms they will not run it says specified emulation path is wrong all was working fine last week ? Thanks Dean
  2. try starting not in full screen, then change to full screen with alt-enter
  3. Hi mate the ones i struggle with are windows ce so wont run in redream nearly all run but have scan type lines but they seem to pulse like theres a setting demul does not like
  4. Hi sorry to post , but trying to run some Dreamcast games via Demul most run fine but some like Midway arcade hits run with large scanlines Any help or ideas Thanks Dean
  5. Had extra ticks in dont use quotes and use file name only
  6. Ok Mate thanks will have a look when i get home Thanks for help
  7. How do you set it up from scratch ? Redream is working fine, but I am aware not all games will work Hence why I need Demul But if I am not importing roms directly into it how do I get it to work Sorry I have done it before but I cant think how I did it Thanks
  8. Yes mate i have always struggled to get demul to run via Launchbox it just boots to Demul but not into game
  9. Hi sorry to ask i have done it before but build became corrupt so i have had to restart how do i run two emus for one set of games thought i had sorted but can run redream ok but when i try to have demul has second emu it won't run games it just runs demul runs games ok via demul outside launchbox any ideas would be appreciated 🤞
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