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  1. Very nice, it's been bothering me aswell and looks like a real mess when all the covers are different shapes and layouts. Would be nice if you could upload the template. I would be willing to contribute to your project by making new covers.
  2. Darkxide

    GOG Boxart

    Hey, I have a huge collection of GoG games and I would like to have nice boxart on them. I have found a website that archives user-created ones (http://www.gogcovers.com/index.php?title=Main_Page) but I don't really like the layout of them. So i've created one example of my own. What do u guys think about this?
  3. Darkxide

    Gog icons

    Well I would upload as much as I can but there is no category for it in the GamesDB. Managed to convert them all but can't rename them since my rename utility doesn't work in the Windows Search so no use in uploading them like this.
  4. Darkxide

    Gog icons

    Thanks for the suggestion, I tried it but the problem is the icon file has like 4 different ones in it (see attachment) so IrfanView only opens up the small one (which is used as icon for the exe file).
  5. Darkxide

    Gog icons

    These are found in the main directory of the games usually under the name gog-(number).
  6. Darkxide

    Gog icons

    Hey is there any good way to use the GoG icon files (which are high res) as the box art front in my collection. Right now i'm doing it like this - Open the .ico file in GIMP and export it as png - Delete the low res ones included in the ico file so I only get the high res icon - Save the edited png - Manually add the png as my boxfront I have about 200 GoG games so doing all of it manually is quite the hassle. Was wondering if there are faster ways.
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