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  1. Hello, I am currently using a steamlink (latest beta) to stream bigbox (latest update) with a wired ds4. I am also using retroarch, dolphin 5.0, ePSXe, PCXS2, windows 10 and input mapper, all up to date and everything is working fine as long as the DS4 is wired into the link. I am trying to use Bigbox through the link with a wireless DS4. I am able to pair the DS4 with the link and navigate BigPicture wirelessly, but as soon as I launch Bigbox, the controller no longer responds. (If it's wired, there are no problems). The controller is set to switch to "Gamepad" configuration when Bigbox launches via the BigPicture Controller Configration interphase. Is the issue with the link recognizing the DS4 as dinput? I am wondering if a DS4 dongle or virtual here would help? or if there is an alternative. Thanks in advance for any help. The program has been phenomenal so far and this is one of my last hurdles to a truly perfect living room set up.
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